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I usually go to Sephora online to purchase most of my makeup products and I have never been to an Ulta in person or online. I was prompted to check them out when I found out that they were having a limited time only promotion. With any $60.00 purchase you can choose either a clear yellow or clear pink makeup pouch with 17 deluxe sample sized products. Not 3-5 but 17 samples for free! I say free because some of the other promotion requires you not only to pay a certain amount to qualify but also pay an additional price for sample bags. I had to check Ulta out!


I was browsing Ulta  online to see if  there was anything I needed, nope, nothing. Although there were quite a bit of things I wanted. I had been eyeing a couple of things but the Amazonian Lip Butters from Tarte caught my eye. Usually for 1 full size Amazonian Butter Lipstick at 0.1 oz cost $17.00! Ulta was having an online special where you can purchase 3 full size Amazonian Butter Lipsticks plus a full size Maracuja Lip Exfoliant  set for $34.00 (Promotion still available). If you purchase all 4 items separately the cost would be $67.00!

In addition, any $30.00 Tarte purchase qualifies for a free deluxe sample of the Brazilian Self Tanner. There are two sets to this online special but  I couldn’t decided which set to choose so I chose both the Pinks and the Peach Nude sets. So a total of 6 lipsticks and 2 lip exfoliates for an awesome deal. My total came out to $74.04 so about $9.25 for 8 products, not too bad for a lipstick that usually cost $17.00!


I chose the pink pouch as my free sample choice, here is my 17 piece Sample Products:



1. I’ve always wanted to try It’s Potent Eye Cream by Benefit. This sample comes in a tiny glass jar, no cheap packaging here. Just look at how cute it is! This product feels light and refreshing, can’t wait to try this!

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2. My first it Cosmetics product. I don’t have any waterproof gel eye liner  so this came at a perfect time. It glides on smoothly, perfect for travel, and just the right amount of product. It is also paraben free, cruelty free, and made in Korea.


3. Another new product for me that I’ve been wanting to try is the Stem Cellular Booster Serum by Juice Beauty. I’ve heard so much good things about this company and especially since the ingredients are certified organic it’s a plus in my book. It has the consistency of a lighter Vaseline and applies smoothly.


4. A high definition mascara from Lancome. This came nicely sealed in its own plastic for extra safety. Great size for travel, awesome to have high end samples to try out since full size can be pricey. The gold writing on the package makes this product look so fancy.


5.Urban Decay, Eyeshadow Primer Potion a cult favorite I have yet to try, and now I will!


6. Laura Geller, Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation another high end brand that has awesome baked products and lovely colors for Summer, I can’t wait to try this out. Even though the shade looks a bit too dark for me I guess I can use it as a contour color and I heard this foundation gives great coverage.


7. Dermalogica, Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum I thought this would be slightly thick but it is very liquidy it feels like water. I have some of the product on my index finger as well as on the bottle.


8. Juice Organics, Brightening Shampoo I have been on the hunt for a nice organic shampoo and conditioner. Most of the ones I tried are very liquidy and don’t foam up nicely. This one seems liquidy as well but I will have to try it out. I like that this one leaves out a lot of the bad ingredients!


9. Juice Organics, Brightening Conditioner this seems a bit promising as you can see the thickness of the conditioner on the left side, I will have to test it out and see if this works well.


10. It’s a 10, Miracle Leave-in for Blondes another raved about product that I have never tried. I am glad to finally get my hands on this. Even though I don’t have blonde hair I’m sure I can still use it. I was surprised to see the consistency was a thick pinkish formula. I tried spraying it in my hair about 100 times but the pump wasn’t working! I had to unscrew the cap and smear it on my hands and rub it in my hair. I tried spraying it a couple of more times just in case, and just as I was about to declare it broken it squirted out as a fine mist. Very interesting product, thick inside the bottle but sprays like a mist.



11. Biolage, Exquisite Tamanu Oil Blend I have been loving oil treatments for my dry, frizzy hair especially in the summer since it is so hot outside my hair can feel extra fried. I will definitely be using this since I am out of my other hair oil.


12. Whish, Almond Body Butter I’ve been seeing this lotion a lot lately . I wanted to try this since it is a more natural body lotion. I like that it doesn’t contain parabensulfate, DEA, TEA, petrochemicals, and has organic ingredients. It’s nice to find lotions that are safer for our bodies and this one has a sweet scent and smells like candy. I will have to check out their other scents.


13. Ulta, Brilliant Color  02 Lipgloss this is a pretty sheer color that gives your lips a hint of shine and sparkle. Not a color I would pick out for myself but it goes on nicely and the color isn’t too dark.



14. Ulta, Sweet Fantasy Vanilla and Caramel this one comes in a cardboard like foil package. It has a good amount of product and once you open it you can’t travel with it. It smells really sweet and it is also free of DEA, parabens, phthalates, Gluten, and TEA. I am not going to lie but I don’t like that it contains fragrance and alcohol.


15. Kate Spade, Live Colorfully Perfume the packaging looks sleek and colorful. It is a nice travel size perfume and nice that it has a cap too. This scent was not for me, I don’t like the mix of citrus and musk combined.


16. Dolce & Gabbana, Light Blue Perfume this is one of those pull open type of samples, you have to open carefully or the liquid will spill out. the long stick is used to dab onto areas of your skin. This one is a limited edition scent, not really a fan it smells kind of like perfumed air freshener.


17. Thierry Mugler, Angel Perfume this was my least favorite item in the sample beauty bag. The scent is too overwhelming and strong. I did not like this one.


All of the products inside the beauty bag were new to me, I’ve heard of the brands but never tried them before. Most of them were either high end or popular items which makes this beauty bag awesome. Most of these products have great reviews and I am very happy with all of the sample products. I even like the bag, it is spacious, has a handle, see through, and waterproof. If Ulta  has more deals like this one I’ll be happy to purchase from them again.

I hope you found this helpful, thanks for reading!

<3 Michelle K. M


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