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As a first time mom, I researched high and low for the best products out there for baby and me. From feeding products to stroller gear, and all the extras in between. I did not think twice about which diapers to use. Huggies and Pampers were easily accessible and around for a long time so naturally I chose those brands and Jamie has been using them since she was a newborn. Diapers have one purpose so aren’t  diapers, just diapers? A friend told me otherwise, and she prefers cloth diapers instead. I had no idea people still did and would want to. From what I imagined, cloth diapering was something my grandma’s generation did because they didn’t have disposable diapers. Images of safety pins, scrubbing poop, boiling water, sun drying diapers floated across my mind and thoughts on how inconvenient it would be to add washing diapers to the list of many other things a mom has to do, had me asking, why?

When she further explained and showed me how it works, it didn’t seem as complicated as I imagined. I was impressed and she nearly convinced me to convert.  I wish I had known about this option so I could’ve started out when Jamie was a newborn. After a bit of research I learned cloth diapering is a whole lot easier now and no safety pins are required, unless you prefer them, other options to securing them include using ones with velcro, snaps, or stretchy fasteners. Diaper sprays, cotton inserts, disposable inserts, wet bags, flushable liners, these are some of the terms you will come across on your journey to cloth diapering if you choose this route. For the extra brave they even have reusable baby wipes. There are tons of options and colors to choose from and far from what once used to be a tedious task.

I was already a year into using disposables and I didn’t want to embark on cloth diapering. Another friend suggested yet another alternative. This opened up a whole new door to eco-friendly and biodegradable diaper options that were also free of harsh chemicals. I had learned that not all diapers were the same, many were releasing harmful chemicals into baby’s skin, into our environment, and many were sitting in our landfills for years on end!  The brands that she mentioned looked cheaply made or not easily accessible. Some were quite pricey, making the generic brand-name diapers ever more convenient and appealing.  Another friend had told me about a diaper incident where a child had a chemical burn a couple of years back. Nothing has been proven but it sounds alarming all the same. I started becoming more aware of natural and organic products but only recently did I start to consider alternative diapers that were safer for skin to skin contact and the environment especially because Jamie will be using a ton of diapers well into her toddler years…

IMG_1089 IMG_1090

I’ve looked at a variety of natural alternatives but nothing really seemed to stand out to me. Until, The Honest Company, came out with theirs. I must admit the designs were so cute it caught my attention. They claim their diapers are free of harsh chemicals, environment friendly, and free of lotions, fragrance and latex. I love that you can choose up to 6 different diaper designs (bundle savings), plus they are so adorable! Looking at cute prints can make changing diapers a bit more enjoyable. I checked out their website and did a little research and found the bundle pack to be more affordable compared to buying them individually. Here is a chart with the price breakdowns (all of the prices used are from their website, I didn’t compare pricing with any other sites).


N 1 2 3 4 5 6
Weight (lbs) up to 10 8-14 12-18 16-28 22-37 27+


# of diapers in 1 pack



40 34 29 25


price per diaper (cents) $13.95



.34 .41 .48 .55


# of diapers in 6 packs: bundle order

320 newborn bundle come in 8 packs


240 204 174 150


price per 6 packs of diapers without wipes


newborn bundle come in 8 packs


$81.60 $83.64 $83.52 $82.50


price per 6 packs of diapers +4 pack of wipes

(bought separately not  in a bundle pack)



$100.55 $102.59 $102.47 $101.45


How much you save when buying a bundle pack $79.95



$20.60 $22.64 $22.52 $21.50


Depending on which brand, size, and how many diapers that come in a pack, Honest diapers can be a bit pricey compared to some brands that are as low as .26 cents a diaper. If you aren’t sure if they are right for your child you can even try a one time free trial (click here for my referral link) for four different bundle packs:

  1. Diaper and Wipe Bundle: one slim pack of 10 wipes and you get to try out 7 diapers (You can choose the size and designs).
  2. Essential Bundle: trial size of 5 products (Included: healing balm, shampoo and body wash, hand soap, body lotion, and multi-surface cleaner.
  3. Health and Wellness Bundle: A choice of prenatal and DHA/Omega-3 OR Baby and Toddler Multi powder and Kid’s Chewable Multi-Vitamin for a one day trial. Each trial will only cost $5.95 for shipping and handling.
  4. Organic Infant Formula +DHA try a full tub for $12.95 free shipping and handling, regular price is $29.95.

Take note: if you order a free trial they will automatically enroll you for the bundle savings for each one you order. You will be charged on a monthly basis, so if you don’t want to do the month to month, make sure to cancel your subscription right away. If you decide to stick with the bundle savings here is the price listings below for a month to month order:

Bundle Savings

Price month to month What you get


Diaper and Wipe Bundle

$79.95 6 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes (no option to take wipes off the bundle) You can choose up to 6 designs and repick for each month if you want to try other designs
Essential Bundle $35.95 Your choice of five personal care and home cleaning products ( no harsh chemicals) You can mix and match which ones you need and choose different products for the next month
Health and Wellness Bundle $35.95 Your choice of 2 bottles of supplements

his and hers and a choice for infant and toddlers as well

Organic Infant Formula +DHA $119.95 four 23oz canister of formula and one baby DHA suited for infants up to 12 months of age

If you prefer to have your bundle savings delivered every 3, 6 months, or whenever you need them. Just let customer service know before you place your order either through live chat online or over the phone. You can even change your date after you place your order, just make sure to do it before the next delivery ships.If you purchase extra products on top of your bundle savings you can save an additional 25% on up to three items. Bonus: If you subscribe to bundle savings (you become a member) you automatically have exclusive deals and special rates on collective items.If you prefer not to order bundle savings and would like to order whenever and whatever products you can do that as well. Ex: You can order 3 packs of diapers, shampoo, and vitamins as a one time order. Or if you want just baby wipes you can order just baby wipes. Just keep in mind orders ship Free on purchases of $50.00 and up.They have other products as well: baby gear, toddler products, seasonal items, etc.


The Honest Company is founded by Christopher Gavigan (former CEO of a nonprofit organisation with extensive background on educating parents about toxic risks, author of Healthy Child Healthy World) and celebrity Jessica Alba. Both parents wanted to create safer products for children and the environment. Like me, Jessica Alba didn’t realise some of the products made for baby were not baby-friendly. She mentions in her book that she had developed a rash on her skin from using detergent specifically made for baby clothes. That sparked her disbelief and an outlet to partner with people with like minds to create products that were really meant to be used for delicate skin as well as safe for them too.

Jessica Alba, saw a problem and had the means to create a solution which is great for any parent trying to go green, now we have safer and fun designed diapers! Jessica Alba has said that many of the green products she purchased were charging more when they were the same ingredients as other non-green brands just because they took out one harsh ingredient. She also states that some of these “green products” had eco-friendly packaging but the product itself were not. Her company strives to do their best to create products that are stylish, non-toxic, and free of harsh chemicals. They do not state they are completely green, safe, biodegradable, or completely chemically-free. I don’t think there is a disposable diaper out there that is 100% all of those.

I’ve read many reviews and comments discrediting the Honest Company because a celebrity created the brand. Some remarks point out that she had money and fame to promote her products and others outright boycott her products because they dislike the fact that Jessica is the face behind the company. Some feel that the  name of the company in itself seems dishonest and they use a lot of false advertisement.

There are many mixed reviews on The Honest Company. Some complain the diapers are not soft enough, or there is too much leakage coming out the back flap especially with runny poop. Some complain the flaps are not sticky enough the diapers come undone when child moves actively. Others complain they are too expensive and other green products are so much better for your wallet. Some question the amount of petro-chemicals added to help absorb moisture. Then there are some issues with dye rubbing off on skin if you use oil or lotion on your baby. Others complain their children can’t wear these because the diapers contain wheat and those with celiac disease should stay away.

Positive reviews praise their customer service as top-notch. You never know, Jessica Alba might be on the other line of customer care, which she does randomly. They also have online chat as well if you feel more comfortable asking questions online. Most everyone can agree that their disposable designs are adorable and one of the main reasons they differentiate from other green diapers. Many love the fact that they deliver right to your door, the subscription service allows you to always have diapers on hand without having to add diapers to your shopping list (if monthly bundle savings is more than you need you can readjust online, just do it before your next shipment). They even sell some of their diapers at target now and I’ve seen their shampoo and body wash at Costco. They have tons of other products not just diapers. Some other green and safe products they sell include feeding products, cleaning products, body care, gear, and more!  The products that I am most interested in trying are the soy candles. Some other interesting products include aluminium free deodorant, organic shave oil, and their natural cleaning products.

If you’ve been looking for an alternative diaper why don’t you give these a try, or check out their website for many other products that are safer for your home and environment .

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Thanks for reading!

<3 Michelle K. M

Disclaimer: I am not paid to write this blog post. I am not affilated with the company. I do provide my invitation link for anyone interested in The Honest Company, for every first purchase made I am creditied $20.00 to use towards my next purchase on their site.

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