Tarte Amazonion Clay Blush Palette

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I’ve been wanting to purchase Tarte blushes for the longest time. But for a full size product that is 0.2 oz in size and a price of $28 a blush, it is something to really consider about. It doesn’t help that they have over 15 colors to choose from, they all look so gorgeous it’s so hard to pick 1! Spending $140 plus tax for 5 of them is way beyond my budget. So when Tarte created their ‘Holidaze 2015 Bling It On Blush Palette’ with 4 limited edition shades and 1 permanent color I was stoked.


Packaging: The 5 shades are encased in a slim nicely sized palette. The case is black all over and decorated with tiny circular sequins. The sequins are tightly placed together so that they are side by side and placed flat onto the palette. If you run your hand over it, it feels scaly but smooth. On the edges you can feel the roughness and in areas where the sequins happen to stick out it feels uneven. It is glittery and sparkles when you move the case. It doesn’t seem like there will be a ton of fallout but with time especially around the edges you will find tiny sequins falling out.



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If you were looking to purchase this for travel you would have to keep this in a separate zip lock bag. If you can’t deal with glitter fallout or traveling with this in a separate bag is a hassle skip this palette. If you just want to keep it at home and don’t need to travel with it,  the fallout isn’t such a big deal and for the price and the different colors you get  the packaging can be forgiven.


It has a magnetic closure, a nice big mirror inside with a plastic film, and the names are written on the palette right below the shades. When you open the palette it doesn’t stay up on its own it opens flat. So if you need to use the mirror you have to hold it in your hand or use a separate mirror.


Shades: It comes in 5 shades: fetching (rose), dollface (cool pink, permanent color), prim (plum nude), smashing (coral pink), and beaming (apricot pink). The variety of colors look flattering on all skin shades and best of all, saves you the trouble of being overwhelmed with choices. They are highly pigmented so one swipe is all you need which means this palette can last you a long time. You can even mix different colors together to create more shades.

Shade 1: Fetching a rosy pink with warm tones. Feels silky, blends nicely, and is supposed to lasts up to 12 hour wear.


Shade 2: dollface is in the permanent collection. Looks kind of Barbie pink with cool tones. With these blushes you can have a sheer hint of color or build up for intense color burst.


Shade 3: Prim the second lightest shade in this palette. Looks appropriate for the Fall, very natural and nude.


Shade 4: Smashing this would be such a pretty shade for all year round but especially for the Summer.


Shade 5: Beaming, this is the lightest shade of them all. This is also the only one with tiny bits of silver glitter.


Price: Even though they are not full size they are pretty decent at 0.15 oz per shade (00.5 oz less than full size which isn’t bad at all!). The total cost of this palette is $44 plus tax, you get 5 shades for 0.75 oz of product.




This palette is reasonably sized and priced. Though there are minor issues with glitter fall outs from the packaging, it is slim and has a lovely magnetic closure. It comes in a range of natural to vivid colors that can be used throughout the season. The texture is creamy, silky, and blends nicely. These blushes are supposed to last up to 12 hours. They are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, or gluten plus they are cruelty free. If you don’t own any of these blushes you must pick this one up. If you already own a couple of these blushes and love their formula, you would probably love this one too. I think this was an excellent purchase and I highly recommend you to get this while supplies last.  I rate this item 4.8/5 stars.


<3 Michelle K. M

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