thumb_IMG_2377_10241   thumb_IMG_1387_1024Ipsy came unexpectedly this month because I haven’t looked at the spoilers or searched for reviews. I like to be surprised and because I didn’t peek, not even just a little, I was totally surprised. When the pink bubbled package arrived I was happy as usual and wondered what was inside. I tore opened the bulky package to a lavender-haired princess plus 2 Korean sheet masks designed in a similar cutesy theme. If you have a little girl or a niece, I’m sure they would especially adore this bag! Continue reading

Sephora Oh What Fun Freebie Sack

thumb_IMG_7050_10241   thumb_IMG_7037_10241Hello Beauties! This is the third and final free sample bag from Sephora this year. I was not planning to get this I swear! I was not going to purchase any more products that is until I received an email and a postcard reminding me of a $20 off on any purchase of $50. I could not pass it up. Sigh* I caved and purchased my first eyeshadow palette. After much research on which one I should purchase I took the plunge and purchased my first Naked Palette. Anyway, this post is not about that, this post is about this free festive bag with any online purchase of $25 or more. It comes with 1 full-size sheet mask from Sephora plus 7 mystery samples. After looking at all the possible items I could get I was really hoping to get any one of these: Lipstick from Shiseido, Glamglow Mud Mask, Becca, or Estee Lauder eye cream. Not everyone gets the same samples so if you would like to be completely surprised do not read my post since I show you everything I received. If you are interested in this freebie the code is: SURPRIS3 make sure to add that during checkout so you can get one too. Continue reading

Skinfood Korean Beauty Products

IMG_1640  IMG_1705

While living in Korea there were two main makeup stores I would visit often, one of them being Skinfood. This brand is a great drug store brand for anyone on a budget and they have a fun concept too! Not only is it affordable but the idea of food for your skin sounds delicious and nutritious! I mostly went there for their cleansing products including the Black Sugar Scrub, Milk Cleansing Foam, and Rice Mask Scrub. Continue reading

Innis Free Korean Makeup Haul

IMG_1130  IMG_1151

I’ve lived in Korea for about 4 four years and I am sad to say I have never stepped into an Innis Free. Even sadder to say I have never tried any of their products! That is until this year when I got to try a little bit of everything when my husband went to Korea for a business trip. I gave him a long list of makeup products from my usual brands Skin Food and Etude House. But I opted out on getting high end brands even though I would’ve loved me some. Continue reading