Jetblue Overview

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This summer my family and I flew Jetblue for the first time. I’ve taken two other major United States based airlines and I must say I was fairly impressed with this one. I chose to take this airline based on yelp reviews and something about the color blue seemed soothing to me. Of course everyone has different experiences and thoughts on certain airlines depending on their unique situations. This is my overview on my experience for Flight 351 from New York to Cancun and for Flight 752 from Cancun back to New York.  Continue reading

Honest Diaper Free Trial+ 1st Month

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After much contemplation I finally decided to give The Honest Company a shot. Before I placed my first order I went to their website and clicked on their live chat. The whole process was completed online and customer service helped me with my order. I decided to purchase the bundle savings  on the Diaper and Wipes ($79.95 ) and wanted to try out all 3 of the free trial kits. I asked if I could have the $5.95 shipping waived since orders over $50.00 qualify for free shipping. The person on the other end was very nice, customer service top-notch, and she waived the free trial shipping fee, plus Continue reading

The Honest Company Overview


As a first time mom, I researched high and low for the best products out there for baby and me. From feeding products to stroller gear, and all the extras in between. I did not think twice about which diapers to use. Huggies and Pampers were easily accessible and around for a long time so naturally I chose those brands and Jamie has been using them since she was a newborn. Diapers have one purpose so aren’t  diapers, just diapers? A friend told me otherwise, and she prefers cloth diapers instead. I had no idea people still did and would want to. From what I imagined, cloth diapering was something my grandma’s generation did because they didn’t have disposable diapers. Images of safety pins, scrubbing poop, boiling water, sun drying diapers floated across my mind and thoughts on Continue reading