September 2015 Nature Box

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Hello Foodies!

This is review number 4 for my monthly snack subscription to Nature Box. I have 2 more boxes left to share with you. My semi-monthly prepaid subscription is coming to an end and I will be canceling. Will I re-subscribe in the future? We will see. I have been a little disappointed with this month’s selection and after this box I have a general idea on how I feel about this particular subscription. Keep reading if you would like to know more about the snacks I chose this month. Snacks included in this month’s review are: 1. Whole Wheat Raspberry Figgy Bars, 2. Peanut Butter Nom Noms, 3. Apple Pie Clusters, 4. Sriracha Pop Pops, and 5. Coffee Kettle Popcorn


Here are the 5 snacks I chose listed according to my most liked first:

Review for NatureBox Snacks

1.  Whole Wheat Raspberry Figgy Bars: This was the best tasting snack in this month’s box. It comes with 5 individually wrapped servings each containing 150 calories, 2 grams of protein, and 13 grams of sugar per bar. Each bar is about 2.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. It’s smaller than a regular protein bar but bigger than a Fig Newton. This reminds me a lot of the Fig Newtons cookies except it seems like 2 put together as one bar. It is less softer and a bit more dense and has more chew to it. It would’ve been nicer if there was a little more filling inside and a bit bigger in size. I wanted to eat more than 1 serving in one sitting! It’s nice and soft with a yummy sweet raspberry paste in the middle. Since it is individually wrapped it stays fresh, easy to grab and go, or pack as a snack when you are out and about.

Rating: 4/5



Ingredients: 1. Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour, 2. Dried Cane Syrup, 3. Brown Rice Syrup, 4. Fig Paste, 5. Canola Oil, 6. Raspberry Paste (naturally milled sugar, organic dried cane syrup, glycerin, modified food starch, raspberries, apple powder, natural flavors, pectin, citric acid, locust bean gum, red cabbage extract (for color)),  7. Rolled Oats, 8. Oat Fiber, 9. Caramel Color (ammonia-free), 10. Sea Salt, 11. Citric Acid, 12. Natural Flavor, 13. Baking Soda, 14. Baking Powder.  


2. Peanut Butter Nom Noms: This tasted nothing like peanut butter. It has a strong cinnamon taste and tasted almost like undercooked oatmeal or cookie dough. You can taste bits of chocolate chip too which was probably the best part of it. These were soft to eat and 1 of these equal to 1 serving. Look how tiny they look! Only 5 of those in that resealable bag! Yup, a total of 5 mini round snacks and it is hard not to eat more than 1. I don’t see how one of these can fulfill your snack craving. 

Rating: 2/5


thumb_IMG_3430_1024Ingredients: 1. Rolled Oats, 2. Almonds, 3. Peanut Butter (roasted peanuts, dextrose, palm oil, salt), 4. For added Freshness (grape juice and rice dextrin), 5. Honey, 6. Sugar, 7. Canola Oil, 8. Dark Chocolate Flavored Chips (sugar, vegetable fat (palm, palm kernel)), 9. cocoa processed with alkali, 10. dry buttermilk, 11. soy lecithin (an emulsifier), natural flavors), 11. Egg Whites, 12. Unsweetened Coconut, 13. Brown Rice Syrup, 14. Vanilla Extract, 15. Pumpkin Seeds, 16. Cinnamon, 17. Natural Flavors, 18. Salt

3. Apple Pie Oat Clusters: These almost broke my teeth! They were so hard to bite down and I felt like I was eating hardened sugar/syrup. A whole chunk of the clusters that I did manage to bite got stuck in my teeth. These had more of a cinnamon taste than apple. I did notice they were softer to eat a few days later after the package had been open. It still didn’t taste anything like apple. Once in awhile I would get a carrot strip, making this snack taste more like a carrot cake flavored sweet. Weird thing is I don’t see carrots as one of the ingredients.. what is that orange like thing?! It just really felt like I was eating some sort of hardened molasses if i had to sum it up. At least this one came with more than 5 pieces!

Rating 2/5



Ingredients: 1. Raisins, 2. Brown Rice Syrup, 3. Sugar, 4. Oats, 5. Almonds, 6. Coconut, 7. Malted Wheat Flakes, 8. Water, 9. Canola Oil. 10. Sesame Seeds, 11. Apples, 12. Soybean Lecithin Oil, 13. Natural Flavors, 14. Cinnamon, 15. Vanilla Extract, 16. Baking Soda, 17. Salt, 18. Malt Extract


4. Sriracha Pop Pops: This snack gets all over your fingers and can get quite messy especially when you get to the bottom of the bag. It’s nice that most of the snacks have resealable zippers to keep snacks fresh and easier to save for later. This snack had a nice crunch and kick of spice to it. It smells yummy and it was very flavorful and not too salty but not my favorite. On the bottom of the ingredient list it says this product is Non-GMO but we don’t know exactly which ingredients are and which ones aren’t.

Rating 2/5



Ingredients: 1. Whole Corn, 2. Soybean Oil, 3. Sea Salt, 4. Spices, 5. Maltodextrin, 6. Dried Cane Syrup, 7. Garlic Powder, 8. Salt, 9. Tomato Powder, 10. Paprika, 11. Citric Acid, 12. Torula Yeast, 13. White Distilled Vinegar, 14. Natural Flavors, 15. Malic Acid, 16. Extractives of Paprika, 17. Silicon Dioxide (Prevent Caking).

5. Coffee Kettle Popcorn: This snack did not come in a resealable bag so you have to make sure to secure the bag tightly with a clip. I did not enjoy this snack at all! With each bite it left a strong aftertaste that you get from really dark coffee. It was crystallized with sugar and each bite was sugary and stuck to my teeth. I don’t see how this could be considered a healthy or even a healthier snack alternative. It would’ve been better if there were more of the white popcorn to even out the sugar overload and bitter taste. I don’t like to drink coffee so maybe I could be biased and coffee lovers might enjoy this snack? Please let me know if you are a coffee drinker and have tried this, does this taste good?

Rating: 1.5/5



Ingredients: 1.Non-GMO Popcorn, 2. Brown Sugar, 3. Sugar, 4. Clarified Butter, 5. Dextrose, 6. Coconut Oil, 7. Water, 8. Coffee, 9. Sea Salt, 10. Cocoa, 11. Soybean Oil, 12. Soy Lecithin, 13. Baking Soda

This month’s box overview:


Of all the boxes, this month was very disappointing but at the same time eye opening. I felt that these snacks were not healthy and I was eating sugary junk food. The concept of putting two unlikely items together to create gourmet junk food is how I can describe it. Nature Box has flavored nuts, powdered chips, sweetened baked treats, items that are combined with flavor. After this experience I am reminded that there is nothing wrong with unsalted nuts or good old plain popcorn, plus many of these treats you can recreate yourself without the extra sugar.  

Overall thoughts

I really enjoyed the Whole Wheat Raspberry Figgy Bars although it would’ve been nice if they were bigger in size. I found myself wanting to eat more than 1 serving which is the usual case with most snacks. The rest of the snacks were just blah for me. I’m not a picky eater but this time around when I realized the snacks were not as healthy as I thought they were, made me feel a bit iffy while eating them. I’ve had better boxes before and seem to really like the dried fruits such as the Big Island Pineapple, Dried Mango, and Fuji Apple. Their granolas are nice too as well as the Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies. Let me know if any of these were YOUR favorites!

<3 Michelle K. M

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