Sephora Oh What Fun Freebie Sack

thumb_IMG_7050_10241   thumb_IMG_7037_10241Hello Beauties! This is the third and final free sample bag from Sephora this year. I was not planning to get this I swear! I was not going to purchase any more products that is until I received an email and a postcard reminding me of a $20 off on any purchase of $50. I could not pass it up. Sigh* I caved and purchased my first eyeshadow palette. After much research on which one I should purchase I took the plunge and purchased my first Naked Palette. Anyway, this post is not about that, this post is about this free festive bag with any online purchase of $25 or more. It comes with 1 full-size sheet mask from Sephora plus 7 mystery samples. After looking at all the possible items I could get I was really hoping to get any one of these: Lipstick from Shiseido, Glamglow Mud Mask, Becca, or Estee Lauder eye cream. Not everyone gets the same samples so if you would like to be completely surprised do not read my post since I show you everything I received. If you are interested in this freebie the code is: SURPRIS3 make sure to add that during checkout so you can get one too.thumb_IMG_7046_10241The total value of the items in this bag comes out to $29.28. These are all well known brands and many I’ve tried before and a few I haven’t. There are a few items I would not use but I’m going to miss these holiday freebies! It was really nice getting more than my usual 4 samples. thumb_IMG_7241_10241This mysterious festive bag comes with 1 full-size sheet mask you can either get one for the face or eyes. I was kind of hoping for the eye mask but of course I didn’t.

thumb_IMG_7242_10241Images shown in the photos portray some of the samples you could get in your bag. thumb_IMG_7243_10241The 8 samples in my bag are:

  1. Sephora, Rose Mask, Full Size Product 1x Use 0.84 oz
  2. Origins, Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream, .05 oz $3.00
  3. Josie Maran, 100% Pure Argan Oil, .03 oz $1.98
  4. Clean, Cashmere, 0.03 FL OZ $.1.14
  5. Clinique, Even Better Makeup Shade: 05 Neutral, $1.14
  6. Phyto Specific, Moisturizing Styling Cream, 0.4 OZ $2.66
  7. Peter Thomas Roth, Oilless Oil 100% Squalane, 0.05 FL OZ $1.90
  8. Atelier Cologne, Sud Magnolia, weight not noted estimated guess 0.03 FL OZ $2.55

thumb_IMG_7037_10241This is a tiny black pouch with gold text in the front with a festive phrase: Oh What Fun! It reminds me of Santa’s gift sack for some reason.thumb_IMG_7039_10241This is what the back of the pouch looks like. The white tag is removable, Sephora is labeled on the side, and it has a drawstring. thumb_IMG_7053_102411.Sephora, Rose Mask, Full Size Product 1x Use 0.84 oz I already have this same exact mask from my previous skincare purchase from a Sephora Favorites set. I kind of wanted to get the honey sheet mask, pearl, or eye mask since I already have this one. I haven’t tried it yet but it’s nice a full-size sheet mask was included. thumb_IMG_7054_10241Back of the mask shows ingredients, directions, and what this mask is good for. thumb_IMG_7057_102412. Origins, Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream, .05 oz $3.00 I already have a full-size of this in jar and tube form. I like this brand and this product is nice and refreshing, smells citrusy too. thumb_IMG_7058_10241

thumb_IMG_7059_102413. Josie Maran, 100% Pure Argan Oil, .03 oz $1.98 I already have the deluxe-sample of this and I really like this oil and what the founder of the company stands for. thumb_IMG_7060_10241

thumb_IMG_7061_102414. Clean, Cashmere, 0.03 FL OZ $.1.14 Fragrance is always included in freebies, this one isn’t too bad.thumb_IMG_7063_102415. Clinique, Even Better Makeup Shade: 05 Neutral, $1.14 This is a deluxe-size sample and not many people would enjoy this because it comes in a light shade it wouldn’t work for everybody. This is a pretty pricey sample too and it would be a waste if you can’t use this. This one is okay for my skin tone so I don’t mind it too much. thumb_IMG_7064_10241




thumb_IMG_7069_102416. Phyto Specific, Moisturizing Styling Cream, 0.4 OZ $2.66 I really did not like the smell of this product. It has rice and quinoa oil which is really good for you but the smell! It was overpowering and it smelled a lot like cheap fragrance mixed with baby powder. thumb_IMG_7070_10241

thumb_IMG_7073_102417. Peter Thomas Roth, Oilless Oil 100% Squalane, 0.05 FL OZ $1.90 At first glance I thought this was a fragrance since it comes in a small tube like most perfume samples do. I was pleasantly surprised by this and am most excited to use this. It glides on like oil and absorbs nicely but it feels nothing like oil because there is none! Unusual but fascinating product. thumb_IMG_7074_10241

thumb_IMG_7075_10241My arm is really dry without any product and with the product in the photo I did not rub it in but you can see the difference. thumb_IMG_7076_102418. Atelier Cologne, Sud Magnolia, weight not noted estimated guess 0.03 FL OZ $2.55 When I felt inside the bag and pulling out each product 1 by 1 this envelope that is made of wax and sounds nice and crinkly got me excited. To my disappointment it was another fragrance, but I kind of like this one surprisingly.thumb_IMG_7077_10241

thumb_IMG_7079_10241It also comes with a really bright postcard. thumb_IMG_7082_10241When I received this mystery sample sack I took a moment to decide if I should take everything out of the bag all at once or if I should take each item out 1 by 1. I  decided to do the latter and with each item as I looked them over I wasn’t too excited because I’ve already tried most of them and most of them were foil samples. The 2 deluxe-size samples were not for me. I was a bit disappointed with this sample bag because I did not get any of the brands that I was hoping for. But this was the next best promo compared to all the other ones available so I chose to go with this one. I wonder if anyone got any of the items that I wanted! Please let me know what you got in your bag if you were able to get this freebie!

Michelle K. M :)

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