Sephora Favorites Power Of The Petal

thumb_IMG_0048_1024   thumb_IMG_0035_1024Hello beauties! Another Sephora Favorites post for those of you who love these deluxe sampler sets. I am obsessed with these sets and need to calm the heck down! I bought this set when it first came out a couple of months ago in April. This one comes and goes online and usually sells out quickly. I was excited to see it come back again! If you were on the fence about purchasing this set, check out this review and get it as soon as you see this online or if you are lucky to see it in store!thumb_IMG_0016_1024The design of the box is a lovely flower themed one. Flowers ranging from a range of pinks cover the whole box. I really love how they incorporated each product with plants, fruits, and/or flowers. thumb_IMG_0012_1024This set opens upwards and I love that the top flap opens all the way. The box is reusable for storing small items.thumb_IMG_0061_1024The plastic inside where all the products are stored is removable. Each product is stored nicely in each compartment shaped out to fit them perfectly. All the products came intact and beautifully presented. thumb_IMG_0062_1024This set provides a generous amount of product! You can use some for a couple of months which can help you decide if you would like to purchase the full-size version. thumb_IMG_0055_1024On the back of the box you will see the ingredients listed for each item as well as the country of origin and how much each one weights.thumb_IMG_0045_1024This is my mini review of each skincare item and what I would rate them from 1-5.


Review: Boscia Tsubaki Oil 0.44 fl oz Rate:5/5

I LOVE this oil so much! The glass packaging, the light scent, the ingredients, just everything about it! The full-size version looks just like this one. I highly recommend this facial oil if you are on the market for one. You seriously need 2-3 drops and this bottle will last a long time!


REVIEW: Caudalie premier cru the eye cream 0.2 FL OZ RATE:4.5/5

This is a generously sized eye cream. It goes on really nicely, smooth, and very lightweight. The full-size version doesn’t come in this packaging but in a glass bottle with a pump. This is very pricey product.. I think this is nice and something I would purchase if I had the extra money to which is not anytime soon. I would love to try other eye products out there in the meantime.


REVIEW: Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Cleansing Gel 0.44 FL OZ RATE:4/5

This is a generously sized facial cleanser and you don’t need much to wash your face. This is a runny liquid type of gel but thick once you rub onto your skin. This is very gentle and it feels like my face is exfoliated after using this.


REVIEW: L′occitane pivoine sublime skin perfecting cream 0.28 FL OZ RATE:5/5

Another product I fell in love with! This feels so nice on my skin and the scent is nice too. This product looks like the full-size version and this is one I would buy. It would’ve been nicer if it came in a pump or with a scooper. Not a big deal, if I purchase this I will be the only one using it and sometimes it feels nice to dig out the product with my finger, anyone with me??thumb_IMG_0066_1024

REVIEW: Tata Harper hydrating floral essence 0.5 FL OZ RATE:4/5

This has a really nice fine mist which sprays evenly onto the skin. The full-size version doesn’t look like this deluxe version. I was a bit turned off by the scent and don’t find it pleasing. I wasn’t sure what the scent was until I read that it is scented with Jasmine, if you like this smell you will enjoy this one. I love that this is non-toxic but I would like to try something else.


REVIEW: fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting mask 0.67 OZ RATE:4/5

This comes in a simple white tub packaging, looks appealing, and the full-size version comes in similar packaging. I wanted to try this product and I am glad I got to try it out in this kit. This goes on smooth, and creamy. It blends nicely and you can feel and see it start to ball up as cake frosting would when it begins to dry. It doesn’t firm at all, and washes off just as one you first applied it. It gives a tingling, cooling sensation and my skin feels refreshed after using it. Very pricey product, I don’t think I will repurchase but will buy deluxe samples of it when they come out.


Overall thoughts: 

I am so glad I purchased this set! I love that each product has naturally derived ingredients and less harmful ones, especially since this is for my skin. I HIGHLY recommend this set if you are into skincare and love natural products or were searching for some good alternative ones. This is a well rounded set with a complete set of skincare rituals for someone who wants to take with them on a weekend getaway, or to find new favorites. I love love love the Boscia oil and L’occitane cream and highly recommend that you try them out or get a sample of them if you were not able to get your hands on this set.

What are your thoughts on this set? Anyone find favorites in this set? Let me know in the comments below!

<3 Michelle

Disclaimer: I purchased this set with my own money. All writing and thoughts are my honest opinion and my own and have not been altered by any company.

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  1. loraineye says:

    I’ve oogled some of the ‘favorites’ sets for skincare or I think they did one for sunscreen? Sounds fun- glad you enjoyed the products.

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  2. Sue says:

    Love the flower themed products with actual flowers in the background! It’s really pretty!

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