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thumb_IMG_9350_1024   thumb_IMG_9359_1024Hello Beauties! Here is another Sephora Favorites post. No, I am not sponsored in anyway!  But, wouldn’t that be nice?! Sigh*I just really love trying out these kits. Usually they are worth the money especially when they include full size items. Plus, I can try out many brands at once without wasting products or breaking the bank. When it comes to makeup it can take forever to finish up full size products so I enjoy deluxe size ones that come in kits like these. The Paint It Pink set recently sold out online but make sure to check in stores to see if they still have these in stock. I find that sometimes Sephora restocks their favorite kits online at least once until they completely go out of stock. If you are interested in picking one up for yourself or to decide if you would like to purchase any of these items individually then continue reading!

thumb_IMG_9325_1024This is such a pretty set for spring! Even though the past few days have felt like winter, I can’t wait to use these colors when the weather starts to get warmer. This set comes with 3 full size items and 5 deluxe items, a total of 8 products for $40. The beauty blender pays for half of this set! If you were going to purchase one anyway this is an awesome deal to try out.

Here is what comes in the set:thumb_IMG_9312_1024

1.Becca Cosmetics, Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pressed Rose Gold 0.085 oz

2.Tarte, Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in Blissful 0.05 oz

3.Urban Decay, Eyeshadow in Scratch 0.05 oz

4.Deborah Lippmann, Nail Polish in Baby Love 0.27 fl. oz

5.Make Up For Ever, Artist Plexi-Gloss 202 0.10 fl. oz

6.Benefit Cosmetics, Roller Lash Mascara 0.1 oz

7.Laura Mercier, Velour Lovers Lip Colour in French Kiss 0.12 oz

8.Beauty Blender Original 0.03 oz


Now onto the swatches, close ups, and mini review!

First item is a mini Becca Cosmetics, Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pressed Rose Gold 0.085 oz the packaging looks like a mini shield. There is a mirror inside and the color is stunning. This is a creamy powder highlighter with specks of sparkle and glitter. You can also use this as an eyeshadow or dab on top of gloss for a fuller lips. I will have to wait till the summer months to wear this as a highlighter but will use this on my eyes in the meantime.

Buy: If you like shimmery highlights this one has bits of glitter.

thumb_IMG_9397_1024   thumb_IMG_9394_1024

thumb_IMG_9400_1024The next item is a Tarte, Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in Blissful 0.05 oz this is a shimmering warm peach. This is a soft, light, and natural color. This blush comes out lighter than other Tarte blushes I’ve tried. Sometimes I find the highly pigmented ones make me look like a clown. If you are looking for a hint of color this is a pretty option. You can also build up color if you want more of a brighter color.

Buy: If you like a hint of peachy pink or for days when you want to build up into a brighter pink.

thumb_IMG_9401_1024   thumb_IMG_9402_1024


thumb_IMG_9407_1024The third item is from Urban Decay, their Eyeshadow in Scratch 0.05 oz I’ve never owned a pink eyeshadow before so I wasn’t sure how I would like this one. This rose gold has shimmer and looks pretty, definitely will wear this when the weather is warmer.

Buy: If you like rose gold this is a nice shade, beware of some fall outs when using a brush. thumb_IMG_9382_1024    thumb_IMG_9384_1024

thumb_IMG_9386_1024There is a mini Deborah Lippmann, Nail Polish in Baby Love 0.27 fl. oz this is a my nails but better kind of polish. It goes on almost sheer but has a hint of baby pink with a pretty shine. This polish made my nails look healthier than my none polished ones. I didn’t have high hopes for this so I was pleasantly surprised.

Buy: If you are looking for a your nail but healthier, this isn’t clear polish, it gives a shine with a soft baby pink hue. thumb_IMG_9411_1024I already own a sample of this Make Up For Ever, Artist Plexi-Gloss 202 0.10 fl. oz from a previous holiday gift with purchase (Read Here). I did not like this gloss because of the scent and how sticky it can be. However this time around when I tried it again I didn’t mind it too much. It looked pretty on my lips and gave it a pretty shine.

Buy: If you want a pretty hint of pink on your lips.thumb_IMG_9419_1024thumb_IMG_9420_1024This mascara is nice and spiky from Benefit Cosmetics, Roller Lash Mascara 0.1 oz it is creation inspired by hair rollers! thumb_IMG_9417_1024This lipstick from Laura Mercier, Velour Lovers Lip Colour in French Kiss 0.12 oz is a bright bubblegum pink. I didn’t think it would be so bright in color but it is a loud pink and pretty one too.

Buy: Get this one if you like bright pink lips, this is a fun and flirty color.thumb_IMG_9412_1024


Overall: If you like the color pink and love it in your makeup this one is for you. I like the mix of items in this kit and love the packaging of these minis! My top 3 picks from this set are: blush, eyeshadow, and highlighter. Are any of these items your favorites?


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