Sephora Favorites Makeup Must-Haves inside JCPenney

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A few blog posts back I mentioned that I had picked up a Sephora Favorites from inside JCPenney. I finally had time to upload this post just in time for the VIB sale tomorrow! You get a nice selection of products ranging from bronzer, blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, makeup primer, etc.. they are perfect for travel. There are 2 full-size products in this kit, and all the shades are gorgeous too!  Check out this post for more photos and information.


Everything in the Makeup Must-Have set including a bonus makeup bag. You get a decent amount of product for all very well-known brands. Each product chosen is one of the best of what these brands have to offer.

thumb_IMG_5179_10241Too Faced Cosmetics, Chocolate Soleil Bronzer Weight: 0.14 oz Price: $12.00 Origin: USA This is my first chocolate scented Too Faced product and it sure does smell delicious! I just love the packaging it is too adorable! It even comes with a mirror inside which is always nice!thumb_IMG_5178_10241Back of the bronzer shows shade, weight, expiration, and product information.thumb_IMG_5180_10241When opened you can see there is a pretty decently sized mirror inside. thumb_IMG_5183_10241This bronzer shade is very light and almost doesn’t show up on my skin. This is perfect for a subtle and very natural look. You can’t really layer on the color so definitely not a shade for everyone. thumb_IMG_5204_10241As you can see in the image above the color is almost barely there. Perfect for a very natural tint of color to your face. thumb_IMG_5205_10241Tarte, Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush Shade: Pampered Weight: 0.05 oz Price: $7.00 Origin: China . Look at how cute! Such a pretty color! I really like Tarte blushes!thumb_IMG_5207_10241Information in the back of the product shows weight, expiration, and origin.thumb_IMG_5214_10241The color is beautiful and the size of the blush is just too adorable.thumb_IMG_5216_10241Pictured above is the true color of the product. So depending on your skin color it can look bright pink to mauve pink. I can’t find this shade on Sephora’s site so I guess this is a limited edition shade. thumb_IMG_5188_10241Urban Decay, Iconic Eyeshadow Shade: Midnight Cowboy Rides Again Weight: Full-Size 0.05 oz Price:$19.00 Origin: USA. The packaging is just beautiful and so is the color! thumb_IMG_5194_10241Eyeshadow shown closeup.thumb_IMG_5200_10241Eyeshadow shown from afar.thumb_IMG_5203_10241Eyeshadow shown on paper, has a lot of shimmer and glitter. The color is gorgeous and it goes on smoothly.thumb_IMG_5231_10241Benefit Cosmetics, They’re Real Mascara Weight: 0.1 oz Price:$8.00 Origin: USA. Look at the spikes on that wand! Seems very spiky, lengthens but not enough volume, perfect for a natural look as their name implies.thumb_IMG_5245_10241Smashbox Cosmetics, Photo Finish Primer Water Travel Size Weight:1 fl oz Price:$16 Origin: Canada. This is a travel size sample, I am excited to try this out. thumb_IMG_5239_10241Stila Cosmetics, Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Shade: Intense Black Weight: Full-Size 0.016 fl oz Price: $22 Origin: Japan. This is an awesome liquid eyeliner, I was able to do a really nice cat eye with this and it applies like calligraphy art. Interesting because this product is from Japan.thumb_IMG_5219_10241Kat Von D, Studded Kiss Shade: Underage Red Weight: 0.04 oz Price:$8.40 Origin: Italy. Again beautiful and cool packaging. Smells like vanilla butter cake. thumb_IMG_5221_10241

thumb_IMG_5223_10241True color shown on paper. thumb_IMG_5255_10241Back of package provides ingredients, origin, brand, weight, and type of product. thumb_IMG_5248_10242Price breakdown of each item.

Overall: I love each and every product. The packaging of these items are really nice and cute! The shades are lovely and I will be using ALL of the products in here. I hope these images were helpful in someway or at least you enjoyed them.

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