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I have been loving Sephora’s deluxe samples. They have a nice selection ranging from skincare, lip products, fragrance, and makeup. The stock usually runs out quickly and new items come along weekly. The good thing is, if you don’t see something you like today you’ll probably see something a few days later. They always have new products coming out so if you have points stacked up and find deluxe sized items useful, check out your rewards section on your Sephora account online.


You can find high end products, items you already love, new items, best-sellers, etc… I tend to gravitate towards the 100 point items which are usually skincare and makeup. I find myself not choosing from the 250 point selections, for the most part they are usually fragrance samples. I don’t like taking chances on scents and prefer to know how a perfume smells. Sephora also offers 500 point sample sets. These don’t tend to run out as quickly as the other items and they have nice brand options from time to time. 

For more deluxe samples, don’t forget to check out weekly specials.  You can add extra freebies (no points necessary) during your online shopping, free with $25 purchase. So if you were planning to purchase something anyway, add an extra gift into your cart! 

Listed Below I share my deluxe products from Sephora the first four are: Makeup Primer, Face Serum, Moisturizer, and Foundation.


I am in love with the true cream moisturizing bomb by belief. First off, the lid looks like a gentleman’s top hat, it is adorable! It has a refreshing herbal scent and it glides on wonderfully. It sinks in nicely without my skin feeling greasy, it is an awesome light weight moisturizer. I have been using it sparsely and I am sad I am almost out of the deluxe sample. I researched this product after enjoying it so much and it gets extra points for being: paraben, sulfate, and phthalate free. Plus it’s made in Korea! We all know they are known for their skincare and this one sure lives up to Korean standards.

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I have been using this product daily and I am almost out of the Clinique smart custom-repair serum. This deluxe sample comes in a tube with a pump, it has a light pink color and moisturizing texture. I really enjoyed using this but I will not purchase because it is too expensive and I do not like the hint of chemical smell this product has. It also loses points for not being somewhat conscious of all the unnecessary ingredients it contains.

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I saw one of my favorite Youtubers mention YSL Blur Primer product and I wanted to try it. Of course it has to be expensive! But boy was I glad I saw this as a deluxe sample so I couldn’t wait to try it out. I must say it feels nice and very luxurious. Or maybe it’s all in my head? No, this thing really makes my skin feel baby butt soft! It has a nice perfumey scent, with specs of gold, it comes with a flat plastic applicator you can use to apply to areas you need to prime. I need to use it a couple of more times to fully review this product but I would say benefit porefessional is better suited for my enlarged pores. This one is nice but for the price and clear consistency it doesn’t blur my skin as much as I need it to.

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Makeup Forever Ultra HD invisible cover foundation in the shade Y315 Sand. I was excited to try this and good thing I did. I feel that this product doesn’t have high coverage and in some areas it looks natural on other parts of my face it looks cakey. This definitely started falling apart around my nose area and cracked so I had to smear off excess foundation when I noticed it had moved around on my face. This product also made me break out around my chin! I will finish up the product on the areas away from my chin, nose, and large pores. I will use it as a light coverage around my temples, cheeks, and forehead but I will not purchase this!

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The next three deluxe items are: Fragrance, Eyeshadow, and Lipstick.



Kat Von Di Studded Kiss Lipstick in the shade Lovecraft. How awesome does the packaging look?! It’s a 3-D studded lipstick, and it appears to look spiky but it isn’t sharp ( inspired by Kat’s spiky bracelet she was wearing at the time of creation). It has a nice scent almost like milk chocolate but not too sweet (actually supposed to smell like creme brulee). It applies matte and glides on smooth. This shade is a beautiful color for the Fall! These are for matte lovers with an edge.


Buxom Eyeshadow in the shade Mink Magnet is very pigmented. One swipe is all you need and you have tons of color pay-off. This color is so gorgeous too it’s like a glittery gold, bronze, and slightly rose-gold shade. This is an awesome deluxe product because now I know Buxom makes awesome eyeshadows. I would like to try more colors!


The one time I chose the 250 points deluxe reward was for Nest Fragrance in the scent Indigo. Again I was persuaded by a Youtuber and it was too expensive to buy. Luckily it was one of the deluxe items Sephora had and being persuaded as I was, naturally I chose the beautifully bottled perfume. It is encased in a glass bottle you have to twist open. It isn’t in a spray bottle so I have to carefully dab the liquid onto my wrist or neck. I love the design, bottle, and the scent. I don’t know how to describe the scent but Indigo describes it as: scent of Botanical Flowers, Wild Fig, Bergamot, Moroccan tea, Black Cardamom,  and Kashmir Wood.

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Last year I spent 500 points on Laura Mercier Flawless Radiance set. I‘ve already used her products before so I was thrilled to pick this item. There were five products in the set but I finished up the face polish and have repurchased a few times. It is a gentle cleanser and it smells good too. I liked all of the products from this line I was glad to try the matte baked powder highlight in shade 01. It’s nice but not something I would go out of my way to purchase. The lipgloss was pretty and it smells yummy, a bit sticky though.



Sephora has awesome deluxe samples whether in the beauty rewards section or weekly specials I really liked all of my items and I am always on the lookout to see what’s new! My top 2 favorite items are: Buxom Eyeshadow in Mink Magnet and Belief The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb. The top two runners up are: Laura Mercier Highlight-01 and the Lip Glace in Rose.


I hope you found this mini review helpful!

<3 Michelle K. M

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