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If you are ever in Hawaii you need to check out the Honolulu Cookie Company! They are great to bring back home as gifts for family and friends, or for yourself. These pineapple-shaped shortbread cookies are light and buttery, plus they are individually wrapped to keep them fresh. They come in all sorts of flavors ranging from Kona Coffee, Chocolate Macadamia, Lilikoi Mango, Coconut, and more! A perfect way to bring a bit of Hawaii back home!

Pictured below, the Ultimate Collection Pearl Green Gift Tin set comes in a reusable tin with 32 cookies and includes all 18 signature flavors for $27.95. IMG_0989


Some of the cookies are dipped in either white, dark, or triple chocolate. Others even have fruit centers in the middle. Even the coconut flavored cookies were not overpowering but very subtle in flavor–not overwhelming at all.  They have all sorts of gift assortments in boxes, bags, or sets so check them out if you are looking to bring something back with you!

Pictured below is the Pineapple Wrap Box Ultimate Collection. 1 of each Hawaiian inspired flavors, 15 different flavored cookies in total for $15.95.

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I first these tried these cookies when a friend brought some back from Hawaii and they were so cute and not to mention, tasty! So when my sister was visiting Hawaii a few months later we asked her to bring us back some of the Honolulu Cookies! She said she saw a couple of stores throughout Hawaii and that they were beautiful, the staff were friendly, and they even had samples on site for each and every flavor.

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Each set includes an Ingredient list, pictured below in this case is for: Fruit center shortbread cookie, Chocolate dipped shortbread cookie, Chocolate chip shortbread cookie, and Mini bite chocolate chip cookie.


They also include a pamphlet that provides an Introduction to the Honolulu company and tips on keeping their cookies fresh.

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Look at these thick, buttery, and pineapple-shaped goodness! Tip: The chocolate on these cookies will melt if not kept in cool temperatures so make sure to keep them away from heat or keep them in the fridge until you are ready to devour them.

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Individually wrapped to keep them fresh and less likely you will eat in one siting, well that is if you can control yourself!

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An assortment of flavors including: pineapple macadamia, dark chocolate Kona coffee, butter macadamia, dark chocolate coconut, dark chocolate Lilioki and mango macadamia to name a few.


Pictured below, the Signature Gift Box Collection Medium encases 18 cookies in 3 original flavors including: Pineapple Macadamia, Chocolate Dipped Macadamia, and Lilikoi Mango.


If you are headed to Hawaii for the summer or plan to go in the future, don’t forget to stop by and taste the samples. You will be tempted to at least purchase something for yourself to bring back with you. I haven’t been to Hawaii but I sure will stop by if I ever do!

<3 Michelle K. M


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    Thank you for this detailed blog post! I wanted to gift these and was wondering if the company included information about flavors, nutrients, and care. I thought I was never able to find the answer until I came across your blog post. Keep up the good work and thank you so much again. Have a Merry Christmas! :)

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