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Hello lovelies! I purchased this Cleanse & Glow On The Go duo set from OleHenriksen back in November during Sephora’s Black Friday sale. I had wanted to try out their foam cleanser and for $10 this duo set was a nice way to finally test it out. If you too have wanted to try out this cleanser or have been looking for a foam cleanser go check it out at Sephora.com they still have this set in stock! This is my review on this duo set, continue reading to see if this is something worth trying out or to learn more about it. thumb_IMG_9401_1024This duo set comes in a sturdy, resealable, ziplock package. The red packaging has a pop of green, gold, white, and blue with a nice greeting from Scandinavia on the front. The packaging makes this set the perfect travel duo because it already comes sealed in plastic. Toss one in your bag for a road trip, weekend getaway, or when visiting your folks.

The 2 products in this set are:

-OleHenriksen, African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser 1.5 fl. oz

-OleHenriksen, The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloth Brightening, 10 quilted cleansing clothsthumb_IMG_9432_1024The back of the packaging is simple yet informative. thumb_IMG_9406_1024This set includes a lovely holiday greeting from the founder himself. thumb_IMG_9433_1024On the back, you will find a description of each product, explanation of what it does, and the directions for how to use them as well. thumb_IMG_9405_1024You will also find a list of Ingredients for both products, contact information, website address, and the expiration period. thumb_IMG_9408_1024Price breakdown: When I first saw this set I had to immediately purchase it. I had been wanting to try the foam cleanser, and for $10 I could try out their cleansing cloths as well. However, the price breakdown of this set concludes this set is not worth the stated $17 value. It may or may not be worth it depending on how you like the cleansing cloths. The total value of this set comes out to $9.42 if calculated using the full-size pack of 100 cloths in which you would be paying an additional $.60 plus tax for this duo set. On the other hand,  this set would save you $4.42 if calculated with the cost of the travel-size cloths which are sold for $8.00. thumb_IMG_9437_1024

Review: OleHenriksen, The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloth Brightening, 10 quilted cleansing cloths

Pictured above you can see the thin, slightly flat pack of cleansing cloths fit in the palm of my hand. It is small enough to travel with, as it only contains 10 cloths. The bright orange color  of the  sturdy plastic, visually emphasizes the brightening, illuminating, and vitamin C infused product inside. thumb_IMG_9416_1024On the back of the packaging you’ll find the ingredients, directions, and product information. The main ingredients in this cleansing cloth are:

-Vitamin C: Brightens and boosts radiance.
-CoQ10: Reparative antioxidant that improves skin health.
-Micro Algae: Firms skin and supports natural collagen production and breakdown.
-Black Currant Seed Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids; nourishes and hydrates for healthy, vibrant skin.

thumb_IMG_9427_1024The resealable sticker on the front allows you to easily open and close for easy access and it doesn’t feel flimsy so the sticker won’t rip off easily; keeping the cloths nice and moist. thumb_IMG_9428_1024The cloths unfold to a standard cleansing cloth once you take them out of the package. They are contained nicely and it is easy to pull out 1 sheet at a time. They are nice and sturdy, and filled with moisture. The scent can be overwhelming if you don’t like sweet scents since this one smells like a citrusy vanilla.thumb_IMG_9429_1024I wanted to test out how well the cleansing cloths removed makeup and how well they performed. I applied some of my everyday makeup on my arm for testing purposes and also have used them on my face to remove makeup.thumb_IMG_9431_1024When removing the makeup off I had to slightly scrub and tug at my skin to take off my makeup. It felt a bit harsh and my skin was slightly pink from all the rubbing. These cloths didn’t fully remove all my makeup and I had to remove the excess with a toner or wash my face with an actual cleanser at times. This definitely does not remove waterproof or heavy duty makeup.


+Smells fresh and sweet like a citrusy/vanilla orange creamsicle

+Infused with skincare goodness including vitamin C

+Travel friendly

+Sturdy packaging


-Doesn’t fully remove makeup especially waterproof makeup

-Scent can be overwhelming if you are not a fan of sweet or citrusy scents

-Need a bit of muscle work to remove makeup off, slightly irritates skin

Worth buying?

No: Do not buy this If you are solely looking for a makeup remover this doesn’t remove all makeup. Traces of waterproof makeup and BB Cream/foundation will still be on your face.

No: Do not buy if you are using this to lightly remove makeup but will use a cleanser to fully wash your face afterwards. These are infused with skincare products and if you wash your face that kind of defeats the purpose of this product since this is infused with skincare ingredients so it might not be worth it if you’re going to wash it down the drain.

Yes: If you are using this not as a makeup remover but as a skincare booster. These are perfect for no makeup summer days, after you have a workout, or when you are sweating at the beach and need something to wipe your sweat, or as a a vitamin treatment.

Overall: This is an okay makeup remover. Personally, I will not purchase this since I do not like using cleansing cloths. If I had to buy this it would only be for days I don’t have any makeup on but need something to lightly cleanse my face with or if I find the water is not running in the house, this one is not too bad. It removes light makeup, leaves your face feeling fresh, and smells delightful.  Rating: 3.5/5


Review: OleHenriksen, African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser 1.5 fl. oz

Pictured above you can see this bottle fits nicely in the palm of my hand (this is to show how big/small the product is). It comes in a lovely pump bottle filled with orange/reddish yellow liquid. One to two pumps is all you need for a nice fluff of foam. It smells delightful, fresh, and citrusy. The main ingredients in this are:

-African Red Tea: Strengthens the skin’s outer layer, slows the aging process, and calms and soothes the skin.
-Borage Seed Oil: Moisturizes and nourishes; contains anti-inflammatory properties.
-Vitamin C: Supports natural collagen synthesis; brightens and fights environmental damage.
-Grapefruit, Orange, and Tangerine Extracts: Purify, exfoliate, and brighten with natural antiseptic and aromatic qualities. thumb_IMG_9420_1024


+Smells citrusy, lovely, and fresh

+Foams nicely

+Gentle, non-stripping of skin

+ Feels clean and refreshing


-Feels like I used it up so quickly

Worth buying?

Yes: This is a lovely foam cleanser, pumps easily, foams nicely, feels gentle, smells great, and skin feels refreshed. This product has a rating of 4.5 out of 1325 reviews on Sephora. For the full size of 7 oz this product cost $30. I will definitely repurchase this item either in full size or as a set.

Overall: You don’t need to foam or lather up this cleanser, it pumps out already foamed. This product is synthetic, fragrance, and soap free. It is also free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.It has skincare ingredients to help brighten your skin. This is worth checking out.  Rating: 4.5/5

Conclusion: If you have not tried out this foam cleanser or the cleansing cloths and like skincare products this is a nice set to try out. If you do not like cleansing cloths I suggest either purchasing the foam cleanser alone or in a different set. I personally enjoyed this set and discovered a new favorite foam cleanser and also got to try out the cleansing cloths which I didn’t enjoy too much. Overall for $10 this is not a bad set.

Let me know in the comments if you are planning to pick up this set or what your experience is with this foam cleanser. :)

<3 Michelle K. M


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