October 2016 IPSY

thumb_img_2613_1024   thumb_img_2631_1024Hi everyone, this is my October Ipsy  un-bagging and mini review. In my bag this month, this is what I received: foundation, nail polish, face mask, primer, and eyeliner. I’ve already taken the quiz 3x and never seem to be completely happy with everything. The questions should just ask which type of products we want and which ones we don’t. When I retook the quiz, I clearly made sure not to answer questions about nail polish because I didn’t want them. Last month I received a hair product, which again I didn’t want. Everything else was ok.  Now, onto the review.

thumb_img_2623_1024 The Bag

This month’s bag was designed by artist Valfré.  The bag is halloween themed and is filled with drawings including: candy corn, ghost, witches, bats, etc.. She did a great job with the cute halloween designs which are on the front and back and it fits nicely for the month of October. If you look closely at the zipper it’s even shaped as a ghost!

thumb_img_2627_1024The Products

  1. Kokie Cosmetics
    Kokie Nail Polish in Heavenly

  2. PÜR Cosmetics
    Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mudd Masque with Pascalite Clay

  3. Trust Fund Beauty
    Gimme Good Face – Face Primer

  4. Ciaté London
    Fierce Flicks Eyeliner

    Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

thumb_img_2648_1024Kokie Cosmetics Kokie Nail Polish in Heavenly

Review: I don’t really like getting nail polishes because I don’t paint my nails often. But if I think about it, nail polishes are pretty pricey..  a bottle can range from $8 and up. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it.. but I haven’t really worn nail polishes from Ipsy. Although this is a lovely color, it is almost similar to the one they sent me a few months back. Plus, we are in the Fall/Winter season and if they sent a nail polish it would’ve been nicer to send one that is more fitting for this weather. However I like that this one is free of: Formaldehyde, DBP, and Toluene Free. I will either use it or gift it.

thumb_img_2645_1024PÜR Cosmetics Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mudd Masque with Pascalite Clay

I was happy to receive this detox mask. I tried it right away! The scent reminds me of Belif’s aqua bomb, fresh and spa like. This mask dries quickly and hardens just as fast. I had to work quickly with it before it dried down. This is not a smooth mask so it was a little hard to work with, but it did tighten my skin. When I went to wash it off, there were bits of particles in there to help exfoliate my skin as I washed it off, to some it may seem harsh for their skin.

thumb_img_2658_1024Trust Fund Beauty Gimme Good Face – Face Primer

This is a clear gel like primer. It feels nice and smooth on the skin and glides on nicely. It kind of reminds me of the Smashbox primer. I like that it doesn’t have a scent. This product is also vegan, and cruelty-free. They also strive to use less toxic chemicals in their products. I think it did a nice job and applying foundation on top was not a problem. They don’t currently sell this product, so I’m guessing we get to try it out first?

thumb_img_2661_1024Ciaté London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner

This has a nice felt tip like the Stila liners but the formula is not as wet. I like getting these type of eyeliners, it makes lining the eyes fun. (Photo below: I meant to type in the shade).


thumb_img_2643_1024MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

I like this foundation and formula, it is a bit liquidy. This didn’t crease or emphasize pores or cake up. It was a light to medium coverage especially because this shade was a bit light for me. Although it did seem to oxidize a bit and the color was an okay fit for me. I would like to see if a different shade is more suitable for me because it seems like a nice foundation. The only thing is, I can probably get this sample for free at Sephora. I did get one free, this exact same size with a purchase.


Overall: I will most likely use all of the products except for the nail polish. The face mask is almost finished and I have about 2-3 more uses or if I stretch it, I can use it a bit more. The eyeliner is always nice to have and the and primer is handy too. I wasn’t too happy about the nail polish since I received one very similar in color. The foundation is something I could’ve received for free but it was included in my $10 bag. This month was just okay. The eyeliner is worth more than the bag, so everything else is like a freebie.

Anyone else get just an okay bag?

<3 Michelle


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