November 2015 IPSY

thumb_IMG_5818_10241   thumb_IMG_5822_10241Hello Makeup Lovers! Thank you for your positive feedback on last month’s un-bagging! It helps a lot to know what kind of content layout you guys prefer. As you know this is my 7th Ipsy un-bagging and so far everything has been good. I say good and not great because some products I really use and some I don’t. That’s why I retook my quiz a few months back so that I can receive makeup brushes instead of hair products. I only received my first brush last month a few months after I retook the quiz. Hey, better late than never right? Anyway, this month in my November bag I received: an eyeliner, a primer, a mascara, a highlighter, and a makeup brush. Come take a look and let me know what you got in your bag!thumb_IMG_5825_10241The total value of the products far exceeds the $10 I paid for. I definitely got my money’s worth this month. Some of the products including the Trio Highlighter didn’t have an exact weight on the website so I had to get an estimate using a similar product from their company so prices may slightly be off by a couple of dollars or more. thumb_IMG_5827_10241The post card for this month with the theme written on the front. thumb_IMG_5828_10241To be quite honest, I don’t like the design of this bag, and it is my least favorite of all the 7 bags I received from Ipsy. I did offer to give this bag to my sister but both of them didn’t want the bag either. thumb_IMG_5829_10241The colors are a tie-dye mix of pinks, blues, greens, reds, and white stars. It does look a lot like the galaxy.thumb_IMG_5831_10241An overview of all the products in this month’s bag. I received 2 full-size items and 3 deluxe-size items. thumb_IMG_5836_10241First product is the trio highlighter from Model Co. When I first saw this product I thought it would be a cheap product but I was taken aback by how creamy and nice it glides on the skin. thumb_IMG_5837_10241This trio is the perfect size for travel or to keep in your purse. All of the colors look pretty too. This one in bronze can be used as a contour color, bronzer, or even an eyeshadow.thumb_IMG_5838_10241This trio looks like it is full-size but it isn’t. Still pretty decently sized but very easy to hit pan on. thumb_IMG_5840_10241Take a look at all the colors side by side, they look really pretty. They do have some glitter and looks kind of sparkly.thumb_IMG_5845_10241True colors shown. thumb_IMG_5852_10241This eyeliner came in its own box.thumb_IMG_5854_10241

thumb_IMG_5848_10241This is primer for your face. thumb_IMG_5851_10241Really nice to receive a high-end and very well-known brand of mascara in this bag! The brush is very wide and fluffy. thumb_IMG_5832_10241Such a pretty brush I can’t wait to use this!  I don’t like spending money specifically on brushes so this is a nice sample. thumb_IMG_5834_10241A closer look at the brush, this one is really really soft!

Overall: I am most excited to try out the Smashbox mascara because I don’t usually buy high-end mascaras. I like everything in this set and will use everything especially my new makeup blush brush.

P.S: What do you think about the makeup bag? Do you like the galaxy design? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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