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Hello Foodies!

There are so many snack subscriptions to choose from: gluten-free, vegan, serving sized, Japanese, organic, gourmet, around the world, and the list goes on. It can be overwhelming with so many options to choose from, but there is something out there for everyone. It would be nice to subscribe to most if not all of them. However that isn’t realistic for many of us and finding that one snack subscription that isn’t too expensive and completely satisfying, can be quite the search. I didn’t want to pay more than $10 for snacks that could end up in the trash. After much research and hearing positive reviews, I picked a box. I ordered my free Naturebox trial (comes with 1 full size snack and 4 samplers) and paid $2.00 for shipping.


Pre-paid for six months

Just a  few days later I was talking to my sister over the phone. She was out of gift ideas and I suggested sending a snack subscription to her boyfriend for his upcoming birthday. I was definitely sure Naturebox would be an excellent choice even before I tried them. She was hesitant and felt that companies that send out snacks from their own brand are questionable. While checking out the website to give her more information, I clicked on the 6 month prepaid subscription to learn more about it. The next thing I know, my order was being processed. No confirmation, no double-checking, one click and pay. Great.I haven’t even tried the snacks yet, I didn’t want to commit 6 months! I looked over at the free trial and read that free trials automatically enroll into a monthly subscription…

Unusual Online Account

For some reason  I was not able to cancel my subscription and I wasn’t able to log on. I thought there was something wrong with the site. I was not able to log on the following day or week. I checked my email and didn’t receive any welcome account from them as many companies do w hen you sign up or order something. I only received  a few advertisements. I thought it was really weird and perhaps my order didn’t go through since I didn’t see an account for me. I ignored it and thought oh well I guess it didn’t go through, but two weeks later I received my first Naturebox. I got 5 full size snacks that were chosen for me since I couldn’t log on. These are the snacks that I received:

FIrst Box to my 6 Month Pre-paid Subscription
1. Big Island Pineapple: This snack is a must for Nature Box snackers. Everyone raves about this dehydrated fruit with just one ingredient: pineapple. I was unable to pick my box this month but was really happy to get this in the box, this was one of the main reasons why I wanted to try this company. It isn’t overly sweet, slightly tangy, chewy, and just awesome! It comes all stacked and stuck together, just pull one apart to eat.
2. Lemon Tea Biscuits: These are mini, thick circled biscuits with a hint of lemon. It was a little hard on the teeth so you have to crunch on the first bite and it crumbles up as you chew. These are great paired with tea or coffee as the product will melt nicely with a warm drink. It was yummy but not something I would pick for my pantry. .
3. Dark Cocoa Almonds: These were fantastic! It tastes a lot like a chocolate covered nut would taste. These are so addicting! I am inspired to make some at home myself by melting  chocolate and dipping nuts of my choice and enjoying them. They don’t have this snack anymore, but they will be back in the Fall when it is less likely the cocoa will melt!
4. Honey Dijon Pretzels: These are yummy and awesome paired with a cold beverage. Since it is a pretzel your mouth could get a little dry, but since it’s a flavored pretzel it has a lot of flavor to it. I really enjoyed this snack and so did my husband.
5. Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps: These taste a lot like what its name calls them: cheese crisps. You know when you reheat pizza on the frying pan and the mozzerella of the cheese turns crispy, that part. Instead these taste like crispy asiago and cheddar. Yummy and awesome paired with a cold drink.

Customer Service:

Soon after I received my box, I was able to log in to my account, all this time I wasn’t able to and now I could? The issue now was, I was unable to choose or see snacks in what is called a pantry. I was thinking perhaps I was not able to choose my snacks because I prepaid for six months and if that was so, that wasn’t fair. I called customer service and the wait wasn’t long. The lady on the other end was very nice. She asked me to verify my email account and noted that it didn’t match the one in their system and she helped me update the information. She assured me that all subscribers could choose snacks from the pantry and I was just having technical issues with an unmatching email account but would now be able to choose snacks from my pantry. Sure enough once I logged in I was able to view and choose snacks for my next box. I was so excited I forgot to ask her my second question. I called a second time and again I waited less than 1 minute and another friendly lady helped me answer my second question. What happened to my free trial sampler?  Now that I could log in to my account I saw that I was charged $2.00 but never received it. She went ahead and proceeded to ship it out and assured me that I would not be charged for the shipping fee since I already paid for it. She said it probably didn’t get sent out because I had chosen my prepaid plan soon after my free trial was even sent, thinking I had already made up my mind to purchase, so the free box never got sent out.

I was glad my issue was quickly resolved and I felt customer service was wonderful. A few hours later I received two separate emails asking me to rate my experience with customer care. It’s nice to know my opinion is valued and the company cares to make sure customer service was done properly. Both of the questions resolved were answered quickly and professionally. I still don’t understand how my email account could’ve not been in their system when I was receiving advertisements from them upon signing up. It was weird how I couldn’t log in to my account until I received my first box. I found it weird that my free box didn’t get sent out because I had choose a subscription plan in advance, I should’ve still received the free box first and then the monthly box. It would’ve helped a lot since the free trial sends out an information card explaining how to use the pantry and the introduction on how to manage your account. Here is my free trial sampler I received for free with $2.00 shipping:

1. Dark Cocoa Nom Nom
I have major sweet tooth issues. So I was really excited when this package came as my full size snack. How can you go wrong with chocolate? Chunky bites with oatmeal, it seems like a power ball filled with energy. Dark and not too sweet. Perfect for a midday pick me up.IMG_0933
2. Cranberry Medley
These are dried blueberries and cranberries flavored with acai and pomegranate. Such an interesting taste and flavor. I love it because it isn’t overly sweet but  just the right amount of it for a dried fruit.IMG_0926
3. Masa Crisps
This is a yellow corn chip with flax seed. Slightly salted and crunchy. The only thing I didn’t like about this snack was that it wasn’t non-gmo. Other than that it is tasty on its own or for a dip.IMG_0930
4. Sweet Blueberry Almonds
These almonds are lightly coated with blueberry dust. Kind of sweet and nutty these are yummy and interesting.IMG_0924
5. Jalapeno Cashews
Another interesting mix combining two ingredients into one. These cashews are not overwhelming to eat as it would be on its own. The jalapeno give it an extra  flavor and kick to it. It is a bit spicy but still good.IMG_0928Overall: I am really happy with all 10 snacks I tried. I ‘m glad I wasn’t sent a repeat snack, but 10 different ones. I am even more excited for next month especially because I chose my snacks this time around. Signing up for the free box will automatically enroll you into a monthly subscription, but I’m glad I switched into a 6 month prepaid plan. It is much cheaper than the monthly purchase and all the snacks were yummy! This is my total bill for 6 months prepaid:

  • 6 Month Prepaid Plan – Deluxe B3
    qty: 1  |  price: 101.70
  • Big Island Pineapple
    qty: 1  |  price: incl
  • Lemon Tea Biscuits
    qty: 1  |  price: incl
  • Dark Cocoa Almonds
    qty: 1  |  price: incl
  • Honey Dijon Pretzels
    qty: 1  |  price: incl
  • Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps
    qty: 1  |  price: incl
Final Thoughts:

The one time sampler is a really good deal for $2.00 shipping it comes with 1 full size and 4 smaller sized samples. You don’t take any surveys or fill out any questionaire. They randomly choose snacks for you to try out in your sampler. Mine came with a good mix of sweet, salty, fruity, and spicy. Once you are enrolled, you can chose your snacks or have them send you random snacks. Here are the pros to this snacking company:

-Choose 5 of  your own snacks plus extra just in case they run out of your first choice they will send the next snack of your choice. You can switch for each month to try over 150 snacks.

-Resealable bags to keep them fresh.

-No preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, no hydroenated oils, no aritifical anything, no added sulfates.

-Nutritionist approved.

-Excellent customer service, short or no wait time over the phone, prompt email response, and very professional.

I highly recommend this snack subscription.

Thanks for reading.

<3 Michelle K. M

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