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Hello Foodies!

This is review number 4 for my monthly snack subscription to Nature Box. I have 2 more boxes left to share with you after this one. My 6 month prepaid subscription is coming to an end and I might not be re-subscribing to this snack company. I have been a little disappointed with this month’s selection and after this box I have a general idea on how I feel about this particular subscription. If you have been wondering about this snack service here are my two cents.


First Impressions:

I was really thrilled with the first few boxes that I received from Nature Box. Their box isn’t too bulky, looks nice, and feels slim. I love their bright yellow and orange labeling and their packaging is brilliantly made with resealable zippers. Most of the snacks taste good and their concept of combining interesting flavors are creative and exciting. I was most impressed with their system of choosing your own snacks and it was fun to pick from the pantry. This allowed less room for disappointment when I received my box since I was in charge of choosing my snacks. The second thing about this company that intrigued me was the fact that they had snacks that were nutritionist approved and free from artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. It seemed like a healthier snacking option for my in-between meals.


What I noticed:

This company is proud to offer nutritionist approved snacks so I trusted them to care about my health as a conscious snacker. I didn’t think much about the ingredients. That is until some of the snacks tasted overly sweet and sure enough when I looked at the ingredients I saw that they add different types of sweeteners. It may not be artificial ones but some include more than two different types of sweeteners in one bag. To name a few: brown rice syrup, sugar, dried cane syrup, brown sugar, corn syrup, etc. I also noticed some of the snacks had a few ingredients while others had a long list of things. Some questionable items include: maltodextrin, silicon dioxide, soybean lecithin, natural flavors, modified food starch, caramel color, dextrose, soybean oil, etc.. Certain ingredients that should be Non-GMO are not and only a few items or if any are organic.

The idea that this snack is nutritionist approved has me wondering: what does it really mean when something is nutritionist approved? For all we know any nutritionist perhaps even a newly grad could’ve been the one to say “this snack is approved by me” and the seal of approval is placed on the package. Who knows perhaps a handful of other nutritionist do not agree, but that one nutritionist said it was so it must be healthy for you. 


Listed below are some of the pros and cons of Nature Box:


+Choose your own snacks from over 150 choices

+Resealable bags

+Excellent Customer Service

+Interesting Flavors

+No added artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors

+Yummy snacks

+1 ingredient snacks only available with dried fruit

+Portion controlled sizes


-Added Sweeteners

-Added Oils and Butters

-Some ingredients are not Non-GMO

– Some ingredients are questionable

-Not enough servings per container

-Serving portions seem too small, doesn’t satisfy craving pangs

-Some snacks are overly sweet

-Some snacks taste of too much cinnamon


If you are planning to subscribe or already subscribed here are a few tips for choosing your snacks:

-The healthiest snack from the pantry is probably the dried fruits. They are the only 1 ingredient snack. They don’t add sweeteners or natural coloring or flavor. It is just the fruit itself. In that case there are only four to choose from including: Big Island Pineapple, Dried Mango, Granny Smith Apples, and Fuji Apples. Just keep in mind that these snacks are packed in a facility that also processes tree nuts, peanuts, meat, wheat, egg, soy, and fish products. So if you are allergic to any of these you just might want to be careful. I also noticed they don’t provide enough per serving in one container. For example: Ten rings of the Fuji Apples equal to 1 serving. On the package it says there are 2 servings in the bag but I only counted 12 rings and the rest are broken up into mini pieces. Even when I put those pieces together to recreate rings they do not add up to the total amount I should have received.


-If you are conscious of what you put into your body check the ingredients of the snacks. Nature Box does a great job of listing all of the ingredients for each and every snack they have in their pantry. If you do not like cinnamon some of the snacks should be avoided. I find that a lot of the snacks contain cinnamon and some can be overpowering even though it is one of the last ingredients listed. 


-To prevent getting repeats or items randomly chosen for you make sure to have enough snacks in your pantry and remove the ones you don’t/didn’t like. Add new snacks in your pantry  if you want to try other snacks each time your box is delivered. It’s nice that Nature Box sends out a reminder notice to check your pantry before they start shipping your order.


-If you don’t mind having snacks with added sugars, oils, butters, and certain added ingredients check out Nature Box, at least they don’t add artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. Some of their snacks taste yummy including: whole wheat figgy bars, cocoa nom noms, whole wheat chocolate chip cookies, etc..

This month’s box overview:


Of all the boxes, this month was very disappointing but at the same time eye opening. I felt that these snacks were not healthy and I was eating sugary junk food. The concept of putting two unlikely items together to create gourmet junk food is how I can describe it. I’m pretty sure it is much healthier to eat most of the snack items separately. Nature Box has flavored nuts, powdered chips, sweetened baked treats, items that are enhanced with flavor. After this experience I am reminded that there is nothing wrong with unsalted nuts, good old plain popcorn, plus many of these treats you can recreate yourself without the extra sugar.  

Overall thoughts

I thought Nature Box would be a healthy snacking option since they do not add artificial ingredients, flavors, or colors. However I quickly learned that even though that may be true they don’t mention they add other ingredients such as added sweeteners, oils, and butters. When I hear that a company is promoting their snack as a healthy alternative I don’t think sweeteners such as sugar belongs in the healthy category. It’s nice to enjoy snacks like these once in awhile but when I have them delivered to me every month it doesn’t become healthy snacking it becomes part of the junk food lifestyle that I was trying to avoid when signing up with a “healthier” snack alternative in the first place. I will just stick to eating junk foods once in awhile and save myself from this monthly snack subscription that claims to be well-balanced and “good for you.”

<3 Michelle K. M

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