May 2015 Love with Food Review

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My sister and I decided to split $10.00 a month so we can both try out the snacks together. We subscribed for a year’s worth in advance to try out the tasting box. This is our fourth box and she usually likes 1 or 2 products and dislikes the rest. I on the other hand am not a picky eater and like to try new things and usually like most of the snacks. There are some hits and misses but I don’t get overly disappointed or feel like I’ve wasted my money. I like the fact that each box donates a meal to a food shelter so it’s nice to know I’m helping in someway. If you are a picky eater/snacker this month’s box is definitely not for you.

May 2015  Love with Food: Tasting box

Theme: Fiesta! Fiesta!

Total Snack items: 9


This month’s theme is inspired by the South to honor Cinco De Mayo. The pamphlet is nice and bright with images of pinatas, sombreros, and cacti. There are some corn snacks good for dipping in salsa and other interesting snacks. I list my review in chronological order shown in my descriptive pamphlet provided for me each month. I link to websites under brand for you to find out more information at your convenience. You should definitely check out their websites if you want to see other products the company has, they usually have  a lot of other flavors.

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Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
1. Pink Guava and Coconut Fruit Ice


 4  Yes
I had to pop this one in the fridge overnight to eat. I was surprised how refreshing and yummy it tasted. This is great for summer and if you like guava fruit you will love this. You can even use this icey to blend into your smoothies instead of regular ice!
2. Blood Orange Candy GO ORGANICS 1 No
I am not a fan of hard candy so this is not a product I would purchase for myself. It’s wrapped in a light purple plastic that you twist on each end to open. It doesn’t taste citrusy and it is  pretty sweet. The thing I like about this product is they are organic, vegan, gluten-free, and non-gmo. If you like hard candy check this one out!
3. Iced Mango Mint Candy GO ORGANICS 1 No
On the brochure there are two pieces of hard candy for each flavor (one above is the same brand as this one but different flavor). I was disappointed I only received one of each. At first it tasted a lot like cough drops. Overall it tastes a lot like a peppermint candy cane with the tiniest hint of mango, you wouldn’t even know it was there if you didn’t read the label. Tastes refreshing but makes me feeling thirsty afterwards.
4. Inka Corn


2 No
Huge corn shaped kernel with a crunch. Lightly salted and you can taste the vinegar! I also taste something funny about them, perhaps the silicone dioxide make them taste like plastic?  I also don’t like that they are not organic and not non-gmo!
5. PB Thins

Bell Plantation

4 Yes
Peanut butter lovers will love this tiny square shaped goodness. It’s as tiny as your thumbnail and only 100 calories per serving. The color and indent of the cracker appears to resemble the outer shell of a peanut and tastes a lot like Nutter Butter without the peanut filling inside. Smells like sweet roasted peanut and the taste has a nice combination of sweet and salty. They call this a cracker but it tastes like a cookie.
6. Lemon Burst Cookies


2 No
This sample came with only three mini cookies. Shaped like the inside of a lemon round it is crispy and crunchy. It has a strong lemon flavor with a hint of vanilla. Tastes okay but not a cookie I would go out of my way to purchase.
7. Educational Snacks Dick and Jane Baking Company 5 YES
I love the concept of these cookies! Not only do they taste delicious they are great for toddlers and any eager learner! This particular one is the English and Spanish version. Each round cookie is indented with a picture and a translation in English and Spanish. Light and airy with a hint of butter and vanilla. Not all of the cookies came intact, which make for a fun excuse to match the cookies with the correct translation!
8. Hibiscus Creamed Honey

Vintage Bee

4 Maybe
It almost looks like jam but the consistency is a spreadable honey texture. Smells just like raw honey and the color is pinkish red with bits of black speckles from the flower.  A great spread for special brunch parties it would go great with  toast, muffins, or to sweeten tea. .
9. Spinach & Kale Corn Chips

The Better Chip

5 Yes
These round corn chips are green from the spinach and kale. It tastes a lot like any corn tortilla and you can’t even taste the greens, well just the tiniest bit. Great eaten by itself or dip them with salsa. I’ve seen these at costco and now I know what to get on my next snack trip.



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Overall I loved 4/9 products in this month’s box. I now have new favorites and if I see them in store I will most likely purchase them. While the other snacks if I see them in store I can think twice before reaching for them. I was not a huge fan of the hard candies but it’s nice to know there is a healthier alternative for anyone out there who does enjoy them.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading! If you have any questions, suggestions, or tips please leave them in the comments below. If you enjoyed this post and would like to try your first box free, just pay $2.00 for shipping. Click here for my link. Or if you are a member what was your favorite snack this month?

♥ Michelle



Disclaimer: I have no connection to the companies mentioned above. I did not receive compensation to write this review. I will get credited 500 points for each new subscription made through my referral link that I provided above. All opinions are my own.

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