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thumb_IMG_8590_1024   thumb_IMG_9535_10241Hello Foodies! My yearly subscription to Love with Food renewed automatically last month. My sister and I had previously joined together under her account. Shocked to see another bill from them my sister no longer wanted to continue this snacking journey with me. If you are subscribed to this snack service or planning to join, make sure to cancel your subscription in advance if you do not want be charged another year. My sister didn’t enjoy this subscription service as much as I did so it will just be me trying out these snacks. I on the other hand enjoyed most of the snacks and love the donation that goes towards food banks and will continue another year of snacking. This is my March 2016 Love with Food snack review and unboxing. thumb_IMG_9530_1024As always this subscription comes nicely packaged in a lovely red box and with an information pamphletthumb_IMG_9534_1024This month I received a total of 8 snacks to try.

Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
1. Fruit Snacks Horizon Organic 3 Not Really
thumb_IMG_9541_1024    thumb_IMG_9540_1024

I recognize this brand since I occasionally purchase milk and yogurt from them. I did not know they make snacks and other goodies. The packaging is a bright red with an adorable cow on the front. These fruit snacks come in 3 different colors and flavors hence the Bunch O’Berries written on the packaging. These are not too soft and slightly chewy. They taste a lot like those artificial strawberry hard candies with jam/goo in the middle. These were not my favorite and I did not really enjoy these enough to purchase them.


Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
2. Rosemary And Sea Salt Pork Clouds Bacon Heir 1 No
   thumb_IMG_9536_1024   thumb_IMG_9537_1024

The packaging of this is eye-catching and has a very gourmet feel to it. The description of this snack sound very appetizing with the added rosemary and sea salt flavor and minimal processing. I took a sniff of this in the bag and I was a bit put off by it. It had a weird scent and I’m not a fan of fried pork skins and sure enough I did not enjoy this at all. However, this is a unique and interesting twist on your usual pork skin with only 4 ingredients and flavored with sea salt and rosemary.


Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
3.Lemon Wafer Bites Dolcetto 4.5 Yes

I’ve received these before from one of my first boxes and enjoyed them. These are just as I remember them. These are mini wafters enveloped with lemon cream. On the back of the package they suggest adding this to your favorite ice cream or yogurt. This company supports women and children in need and donate a percentage of their sales.


Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
4.Original Naan Crisps StoneFire Flatbreads 3.5 Yes
thumb_IMG_9538_1024   thumb_IMG_9539_1024

These are fire-baked, crispy, crunchy, and slightly salted. These are thin and taste a lot like breadsticks which are addictive. You can eat them as is or dip them in curry, hummus, or whatever else.


Snack Brand  Rate 1-5 Purchase
5.ButterCrunch Toffee with Almonds Brown &Haley 4.5 Yes

I’ve seen these around, but never tried them. These come packaged in plastic and an extra foil wrap around the actual toffee. These are not too sweet, slightly crunchy with bits of almonds, and butter crunch. These have a lot of texture and taste yummy.

Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
6. Strawberry Fig Bar Nature’s Bakery 4 Yes

These are vegan, dairy-free, Non-GMO, and made with whole wheat. These are good to travel with or to have after a workout. I think these usually come in a pack of 2, but this sample came in 1 mini bar.

Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
7. Pitted Greek Olive Mix Olympos N/A Maybe

These are gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free. These are great for travel or to pack with lunch. I did not try this, but there are only 6 ingredients in here and they all look good. These pitted olives are flavored with olive oil, thyme, and parsley.


Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
8. Peppermint Salt Water Taffy Salty Road 3 Maybe
This is my first time trying a peppermint flavored taffy. These are more chewy and not too soft. I felt like I was eating a chewy mint that isn’t too overwhelming of peppermint. I received 2 of these, the first time I tried it I wasn’t a big fan. The second time was a little better, but still not really a big fan of it. thumb_IMG_9551_1024

This is a rough estimate of the cost and a price breakdown for this month’s box. Prices may vary depending on which site, quantity, and company you order from.

Overall: I had 2 misses in this month’s box, 1 repeat, and a few snacks I did enjoy. The top 3 for me: Brown & Haley Almond Roca ButterCrunch Toffee with Almonds, Nature’s Bakery Strawberry Fig Bar, and the Dolcetto Lemon Wafer Bites. If you are looking to sign up, use my link to get started. This is not a paid post, all opinions are my personal thoughts. I really enjoy the idea behind this snack subscription and the treats I get to try each month.

Happy Snacking! :)

<3 Michelle K. M

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