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Hello snackers! This month with Love with Food the theme is,  Love is Wicked. Not quite sure how the theme fits in with the box this month but not a big deal. The box that I am subscribed to is their tasting box which is the smallest and also the most affordable of the three. This month I received 9 snacks to try and at the same time helped feed someone in need. I’ve been saying in most of my posts, I really enjoy this subscription not only because they do their best to curate snacks that are either organic or all natural, but also because of the great cause behind it. Here is what I received in my October box with a mini review on each item.


Packed full of colorful snacks inside this cute red box.


All 9 snacks in this month’s tasting box.

snacks included:

  1. Cinnamon Bun Granola Bar from AWAKE Energy
  2. Original Chai Tea Latte Mix from Oregon Chai
  3. Whole Wheat Snack Cracker from Westminster Cracker Company
  4. Garden Fresh Salsa White Bean Chips from Beanitos
  5. Fig Spread from Divina
  6. Almond Roca from Brown & Haley
  7. Apple Caramel from Annie B’s
  8. Presidents Educational Snacks from Dick + Jane Baking Company
  9. Sweet Chili & Sour Cream White Bean Chips from Beanitos

Snack Mini Review

  1. Cinnamon Bun Granola Bar from AWAKE Energy

This granola bar is nice and thin with a hint of cinnamon bun flavoring. The layer of icing on the back gives it a nice touch. It is easy to eat, not too crunchy but more on the soft side. It tastes yummy, not overly sweet, and I definitely felt like I was energized for the most part of the day. I found out afterwards that 1 bar amounts to half a cup of caffeine. This product is not recommend for pregnant or nursing moms. This snack is great for students, doctors, or anyone who needs a boost of energy but don’t have time for coffee. 4.5/5


thumb_img_2537_10242. Original Chai Tea Latte Mix from Oregon Chai

I love Chai Tea Latte and usually purchase them at coffee shops. I’ve never had one in packet form like this. This one is more sweet and not too spicy, tastes yummy warm. It’s an easy no fuss way to enjoy chai tea latte especially if you like it not too spicy. Don’t forget to check out their website linked above if you want to see other flavors from them, I did see a spicy version. For me this is a little too sweet. 3/5thumb_img_2510_10243Whole Wheat Snack Cracker from Westminster Cracker Company

These were my least favorite items in the box. It tastes bland when eaten alone. I would recommend eating these in soup or with cheese. However I do like these have no preservatives , low in fat, no cholesterol, and no trans-fat. These are also kosher if you were interested. They have lots of other cracker flavors including: parmesan peppercorn, white cheddar, chipotle ranch, etc.. which seem interesting to try out. My rating on these particular ones: 2.5/5


4. Garden Fresh Salsa White Bean Chips from Beanitos

These are interesting, chips that are not made with corn but instead with white bean! I didn’t detect a difference in taste but noted in the ingredients. These are a new twist and they have a lot of different flavors. I received another flavor from them in this box which I show at the end. I prefer the other flavor over this one. These are kosher, vegan, gluten-free, they contain no preservatives, etc.. I rate this flavor: 3/5 because I didn’t like the aftertaste.


thumb_img_2541_10245. Fig Spread from Divina

This fig spread is packed in a nice mini container which is also a nice container to take with you on the go. It’s good for about 2 slices of bread or for a thicker layering then for 1 slice. This is a nice alternative to strawberry jam if you want to switch up your breakfast toast. It’s even great to have with crackers and cheese. This has a nice paste consistency,  has the crunchy seeds bits, slightly sweet but delightful. 3/5

thumb_img_2542_10246Almond Roca from Brown & Haley

These are easily accessible in the supermarkets and drugstores near my home. I’ve seen these before but never tried them until a few boxes back when Love with Food had them in one of the subscription boxes. These are crunchy with a bite to them, toffee bits in here are not overly sweet.  4.5/5


thumb_img_2548_10247Apple Caramel from Annie B’s

I’ve tried these from a previous Love with Food in the salted caramel flavor which I prefer over this apple flavored one. These are nice and packaged in thin stick form. I like that this is not overly sticky and it has a hint of apply flavor to them.  I give this one 3/5

thumb_img_2522_10248. Presidents Educational Snacks from Dick + Jane Baking Company

Another snack I’ve tried from a previous box I’m sure they were made with similar ingredients but I like the taste of the other ones. These ones had a slight aftertaste to them. As mentioned, I do like the concept of these cookies. You get to enjoy them as well as get a little education in, which is nice for toddlers. The previous ones were easy to read because they had one to two short words. These were a bit hard to read, the words are so long and the imprint on these mixed with cookie bits over the letters made it hard to read. Overall this is a 3/5.thumb_img_2524_1024


Sweet Chili and Sour Cream Beanitos

9. Sweet Chili & Sour Cream White Bean Chips from Beanitos

This is the same brand of chips from this box but a different flavor. I liked this one much better and think that chips made with white beans but kind of taste like corn is quite interesting. These are crunchy and packed with flavor. I really like that these are not salty or overly sweet. 4/5


overall thoughts

I enjoy this snack subscription a lot! I love discovering new brands with ingredients that are consumer conscious. I also like trying different flavors from the same brands as well. One thing I miss is the information booklet, Love with Food no longer has the products listed out with the quick description for each product. I highly recommend this monthly snack subscription for those who aren’t too picky with snacks and for someone who is also interested in giving back.

Check out Love with Food with my referral link if you are interested!

<3 Michelle

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  1. fashionquest says:

    All the snack look so delicious! Especially Sweet Chili & Sour Cream White Bean Chips. I love discovering new foods as well 😊 Thank you for the review! Will give it a try soon.

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  2. mkm says:

    Yes those were yummy! Thanks so much for stopping by! Will try to update new foods as much as possible! 🙂

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