Korean Honey Butter Inspired Chips

thumb_IMG_4543_10241Have you heard about the Honey Butter Craze back in August of 2014? I’m sure you know what I’m referring to If you’ve been up to date with Korean news. There was quite a stir when a certain brand of chips went viral.  My husband heard so much about these chips he decided to pick up a bag while he was visiting Korea. Fast forward to 2016, a year and a half later, he did not see the original ones anywhere! So instead he came back with 3 “imitated” or if you would, “inspired” versions of these honey butter flavored chips.
thumb_IMG_4489_10241Honey Butter Craze

Just to recap for those of you who are not familiar with this story.

Back in 2012, Calbee a Japanese snack company created the Happiness Butter Potato Chips. They didn’t sell and they were out for a limited time only. That all changed when they became popular after they joined hands with Haitai a Korean snack company. This partnership released these chips to Korea, August of 2014 and with the help of social media and celebrities, these snacks went viral. They were constantly out of stock and so hard to get a hold of. Everyone was going crazy for them.

In this post the 4 honey butter flavored chips I will review in the following order are:

  1. Haitai’s Honey Tong Tong
  2. Haitai’s Honey Tong Tong Strawberry
  3. Orion’s O! Potato Honey Milk
  4. Lotte Honey Eaten by Potato

Brand: Haitai

Snack: Honey Tong Tong

After the collaboration with Calbee was a huge success, Haitai decided to create a similar version of the honey butter chips. If you’ve noticed, their packaging looks very similar to the original.

Shape: Not your average potato chip, it looks triangluar in shape and curves slighlty inwards.

Texture: Soft, airy, crunchy. The texture reminds me of a Korean shrimp chip.

Taste: Combination of sweet and savory

Repurchase: Yes


This one is supposed to be the closest imitation to the famous honey butter chips. I’ve never tried the original version so I am not comparing which 2 taste better. My thoughts on this bag of chips alone, I think these are yummy! It isn’t too sweet or overly savory. These were pretty addicting.. you can easily munch away while watching a tv show without realizing how. I do not have photos of these chips, they were gone before I knew it.. I would definitely repurchase these!

Brand: Haitai

Snack: Strawberry Flavored Honey Tong Tong

After their collaboration with Calbee was a huge success, Haitai decided to create a similar version of their own along with this strawberry flavored one.

Shape: Not your average potato chip, triangular, Korean shrimp chip style (not shrimp cracker).

Texture: Airy, Soft, Powdery, Crunchy.

Taste: Not too sweet or too savory, I can taste the artificial strawberry dusting slightly tart.

Repurchase: Maybe


This is from the same company as the one mentioned before except this one has strawberry flavor combined with the honey butter flavor. These chips are similar in texture, appearance, and shape as the one mentioned before just in case you were wondering what the first bag of chips looked like. These however have a pinkish powdering over it as you can see in the image below. I can taste the artificial strawberry flavor which makes this chip sweet, savory, and slightly tart. These were just ok, would I repurchase.. maybe. It’s worth a try if you like strawberry flavored snacks, but I can also pass and try something else.


Brand: Orion

Snack: Oh Potato!

Shape: Hollow French Fries

Texture: Crunchy, Airy, Munchy

Taste: Combination of sweet and savory with a hint of yummy artificial onion powder.

Repurchase: Yes


This is one of my favorite Korean snacks! I was surprised to see they got on the honey butter craze bandwagon because I did not know they came out with a honey milk version! These look like french-fries but they are hollow inside. They are slightly crunchy and flavorful. I did not expect these would have an oniony-powder flavor to them but it is surprisingly tasty. I would purchase this but I still prefer their original version more.

Shaped-like Hollow French Fries

Shaped-like Hollow French Fries

Brand: Lotte

Snack: Honey Eaten by Potato Chips

I saw these at my local Korean supermarket and bought a bag to try. I did enjoy all of the ones my husband brought back with him from Korea so I thought this one would be yummy too. What’s nice about the ones you buy in the states is the ingredients, nutrition list, and information about the product are written in English.

Shape: Mini Naan shape or large tear drop

Texture: Airy, puffy, crunchy

Taste: Slightly sweet, savory, and oniony

Repurchase: Not Really




I love a good snack and I enjoyed these. All of them had a very similar sweet and savory taste with a hint of onion powder except the strawberry one which had a dusting of strawberry flavored powder. I’m glad they weren’t overly salty or sweet. I didn’t notice too much of a strong honey taste but there is definitely sweetness that isn’t too overpowering. I don’t think any of these snacks are something to go crazy about but it is worth a try if you happen to see the first or second one on my list below. If I saw the original Honey Butter chip I would pick up a bag to try them too. Other than that the next best alternative is to melt honey and butter together and drizzle over some regular potato chips as recommend by youtube.

Out of the 4 reviewed, here is my favorites listed in order starting  with the best:

  1. Haitai Honey Tong Tong
  2. Orion Oh! Potato Honey Milk
  3. Haitai Honey Tong Tong Strawberry
  4. Lotte Honey Eaten by Potato Chip


Have you tried these? Let me know which one is your favorite or which one you would like to try!

Happy snacking!

<3 Michelle


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