June 2015 Love with Food Review


June 2015 Tasting box

Theme: Saturday in the Park

Total Snack items: 8

This month Love with Food emailed subscribers letting us know there would be a 2 day delay due to a product change. They were not able to change the information card with the updated information but nonetheless the company they chose also donates food to children in need. Love with Food also mentioned a price drop and a couple of upgrades to their company. The founder of the company personally sent an email out to tell us the good changes that are happening to them and for subscribers. I will have all the information copied from my email written below where I list extra coupons. Definitely check it out for extra savings, and for an excellent deal to an already affordable snack subscription.

The theme for this month is Saturday in the Park and all the goodies included are perfect for a mini day outdoors. The snacks this month are a good mix of sweet, savory, and salty. It is definitely a gourmet artisan tasting box. This subscription  is a great way to try out healthy snacks before committing to full size products. Most times than not, healthy alternatives, especially when it comes to snacking are usually a miss more than a hit. That’s where Love with Food comes in. For less than $10 a month you can have a few snack items delivered to your door and you have the chance to try out healthier snacks and see which ones are worth purchasing and which ones are worth avoiding. Not only does it help you discover brands that could become part of your pantry staple, you can feel good about your contribution to a good cause. Your purchase helps fight hunger!


Listed below I review the snacks in order listed on my information card. I also include website links to the snack companies, if you want to check them out. Usually companies have other snacks and various flavors so be sure to check them out if any of these sounded yummy to you.

Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
1. Northwest Trail Mix EMILY’S 3 No
The packaging looks high end and it is quite sturdy. It wasn’t easy to open and if not careful the nuts can go flying. It is good for one serving and they are lightly salted. This snack is perfect for on the go and awesome to have after a workout, hike, trail, or on a picnic. There is a mix of lightly roasted cashews, roasted almonds, cranberries, and raisins. This is your average trail mix without any unnecessary ingredients. What make these better than average is the dried apple with cinnamon, it is sweet and has the texture of dried fruit and gives it an interesting touch to the mix. The cranberries and raisins looked similar in color I didn’t know which was which until I took a bite. I personally prefer to eat unsalted nuts and sugarless cranberries so this is not a product I would purchase for myself.IMG_1081
Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
Lightly salted, crispy, and airy. It is shaped to look like a naan but it tastes like a breadstick. Still yummy nonetheless and can easily be addicting once eating them.IMG_1076
Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
3. Crazy Hot Popchips POPCHIPS 4.5 Yes
These are spicy but flavorful. If you can handle heat, you have to try this snack! The rounded snack is slightly red, crunchy, not fried or baked. Awesome because it doesn’t have added preservatives, artificial flavors, synthetic colors, cholesterol, or trans fat. I can only eat a handful at time since it is spicy, perfect amount for a light snack with a kick that will awaken the insides of your mouth.IMG_1084
Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
4. Everything Bar SHEFFA 2 No
If you try this snack without looking at the package, you would think it smells fantastic. Once looking at the label this snack has a big photo of an onion on the front. Then all of a sudden it has a strong smell of onion, and tastes a lot like onion. This is a savory snack that smells better than it tastes. It is a thin bar, light and airy, with a crunch. All of the ingredients sound yummy and the first few bites taste good and then you try to figure out what the flavors are, and then it leaves a weird aftertaste. It would be better broken up into pieces as an alternative to crouton, not a snack on its own.IMG_1089

Coupon: 15% OFF your order on sheffafoods.com CODE: LWF15

Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
5. Choo Choo Cherry Flavored Dried Cranberries FUNNY FACE 2 No
I usually see raisins sold in mini boxes so it is interesting to see cranberries come in mini boxes too. The idea is cute and awesome for people who like cranberries. These snacks tasted a bit artificial and I didn’t like the cherry flavor added on it.IMG_1078

Coupon: 15% OFF on decascranberry.com

Expires: Sept 30, 2015 USE CODE: LOVEWITHFOOD15

Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
6. Brownie Brittle Brownie Brittle 4 Yes
These are square shaped and thin, like brittle and the texture is like a brownie, soft and chewy. Perfect combination from two separate treats. It’s awesome because it isn’t hard like a brittle and not too thick like a brownie which make it easier on your teeth and not too sweet for your tastebuds. I’ve seen these at costco and will definitely purchase on my next trip. The logo on the back of the package indicates that this company donates part of their sale to kids with cancer, another plus!IMG_1100

Coupon: 30% OFF ONLINE + Free Shipping over $49 on browniebrittle.com


Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
7. Classic Iced Tea Candy BALI’S BEST 3 Maybe
I am not a hard candy fan but these were yummy. Not overly sweet and it does taste like an iced tea without the ice. More specifically it tasted like milk  black tea with sugar. If I ever have the craving for a  hard candy I would get this one.IMG_1097
Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
8. PB & Jelly Whole Fruits & Raw Nuts KUTOA 3 Maybe
All subscribers received an email from Love with Food about a product change that was not fixed on the information card. This product was included last minute instead of a product from Amrita Health. I was confused when I received the email but realized once I read the information card didn’t match with one of the products. This one is for the peanut butter and jelly lovers. It is a snack bar that isn’t overly sweet, it is soft and chewy. This company donates a meal to feed a hungry child for each purchase, yay!IMG_1095

Extra Savings:


Email I recevied from Love with Food:


  • Starting July 1st, our monthly tasting box is JUST $9.99/month + FREE shipping + 100 points/month (previously was $10/month + $2 shipping + 10 points/month). For more savings, get the prepaid annual plan for $95.88/year (that’s only $7.99/month)
  • Our monthly deluxe box awards 250 points/month ($2.50 value) instead of 20 points/month. For more points and savings, get the prepaid annual plan for $198 (that’s only $16.50/month) and earn 2,500 points ($25 value)
  • Our monthly gluten-free box is now only $24.99/month. For more savings, get the prepaid annual plan for $239.88 (that’s only $19.99/month).
  • We now offer NEW 3-Month Plans for Tasting, Deluxe and Gluten-free. Save up to 10% by upgrading from a monthly plan to a 3-month plan. Click here to see all new pricing and plans.

Overall I am glad to subscribe to this company. I don’t always enjoy the snacks but it is fun to try out new foods. Many times when I don’t enjoy the snacks I see many other flavors I would like instead on the company’s website. Be sure to look for other flavors and products offered online and have fun with what you eat!

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading! If you have any questions, suggestions, or tips please leave them in the comments below. If you enjoyed this post and would like to try your  first box for an additional 40% off Click here for my link.

♥ Michelle

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