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Hello Foodies!

This is my second review for my monthly snack subscription to Naturebox. The snacks in my previous box were randomly chosen for me because I couldn’t log on to my account. Nevertheless, all the snacks sent to me were yummy. This time around I was able to log into my pantry and choose all 5 snacks to my liking. You can pick more than five snacks but the company will send the first 5 snacks you choose. If they run out of any of the 5 snacks you pick they will send the next snack of your choice so make sure to add extra to your pantry in the order of your preference.


For this month I chose a lot of sweet snacks. Since I prefer sweets most of the items chosen were for my sweet tooth. I think for next month I will switch it up so I get a variety of flavors, maybe.

(Back Label for Chocolate Quinoa granola pictured below):


Here are the 5 snacks I chose according to my most liked first:

Review for NatureBox Snacks

1.  Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops: Thick and round like a macadamia with a hard pretzel crunch. You can smell the sweet honey that is dusted on. Since this is a pretzel your mouth can feel a bit dry while eating this, I recommend you have a nice cold drink when you eat this. I really liked this snack it was sweet and salty.IMG_1250
2. Coconut Cashews:These were sweet and buttery, it tasted a lot like white chocolate. The cashews are coated with rice syrup and coconut so there is an extra layer of texture. It is nice and soft plus they are non-gmo with just 6 ingredients.IMG_1253
IMG_12543. Chocolate Quinoa Granola : These were chocolatey and so yummy. I ate them as it is and also on top of plain Greek yogurt.


4. Praline Pumpkin Seeds: These pumpkin seeds are coated with pumpkin pie spice and the smell reminds me of Thanksgiving season. They are slightly crispy and has a nice texture to them. I thought this was going to be lightly toasted pumpkin seeds. I didn’t think this snack was going to be sweet but they are with a hint of salt and spice. I can taste cinnamon, ginger, and sweetener.IMG_1259
5. Dried California Peaches : There is only 1 ingredient in this, peach, that is all. Non-gmo dried peach. These were a little dry and the peach fuzz on the skin were a bit rough and chewy. Sweet and healthy though.IMG_1257

Pros about this snack company:

-Resealable snack bag.

-Choose your snacks.

-Healthier, no artificial colors or flavors.

-Zero trans fat  or partially hydrogenated oils.

-Excellent customer service.

Cons about this snack company:

So far I can’t think of any.


I really enjoyed all the snacks I chose. I can’t wait for next month!

I hope you found this review helpful, thanks for reading!

<3 Michelle. K. M

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