July 2015 Love with Food Review


July 2015 Tasting box

Theme: Surfin’ USA 

Total Snack items: 8

This month I didn’t get an email letting me know my package was shipped.  Love with Food arrived earlier than usual. Which of course I am not complaining about, it was a pleasant surprise to see the cute red box at my door. As always I was excited since I had no idea what was in the box. As mentioned before,  my sister and I share the box so we usually set a time so we can open it together. I was really busy and kept pushing the time back.  And usually I’m the one that is more excited than she is. This time around she couldn’t wait and was curious to see this month’s goodies and went ahead and opened the box without me to get a sneak peek. 

This month’s theme is Surfin’ USA with snacks ranging from easy to travel, for active adventurist, and flavored mixes for your drinks to keep you cool. Some are organic others are gluten free, vegan, non-gmo, or all four and sometimes none of the mentioned. Either way you can discover snacks that are healthier alternatives and some of the companies also have a warm helping heart that donate to charities.


Below I review the snacks in the order listed on my information brochure. I also include website links to the snack companies if you want to check them out. Usually they have more flavors on their website so be sure to check them out if any of these sound yummy to you. This is my review for July 2015 Love with Food Tasting Box. I rate the snacks from 1-4 and the extra point is for the labeling such as is it USDA Organic, Non-gmo, Gluten-free, etc..

I hope this review is helpful in your search for snacks!

Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
1. Kids’ Organic Sour Citrus Chews Honey Stinger 5 Yes
These are great for kids especially since they are USDA Organic, contain no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors, no high fructose corn syrup, and it is a good serving size for little ones. This package contains three flavors: natural lime aide, grapefruit, and sour cherry. They all have a hint of citrus flavor but the sour cherry does not taste sour, they are more on the sweet side since they are made with honey, hence their brand name Honey Stinger. If you like honey you will like this, but if you don’t like honey you may or may not like this since you can really taste the honey in the product. Don’t forget to check out their website, they also sell organic honey, organic energy chews for adults, and other interesting snacks on the go for active people.032Coupon: 50% OFF on HONEYSTINGER.COMEnter: KIDS2015 at Checkout
Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
2. Coconut Almond Curry Granola Bear Naked 1 No
I’ve seen Bear Naked  products in my local grocery stores but have never bought any of their products. I was glad to see something from this brand.  I thought this would be yummy since it contains coconuts, almonds, and cashews. Went to take a bite and didn’t realize it contained curry which contains: ginger, turmeric, coriander, black pepper, and fenugreek. Usually granola is sweet but this was a mix of sweet and spicy, not something I would like to add to my yogurt or cereal. I like curry I like coconut but not combined in a granola I was not too pleased with this product. If you are interested in flavors like this check them out, they have other unique granola flavors!029
Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
3. Simply Toasted Crunchy Coconut Chips Bare Snacks  3 Maybe
These are the smallest and sweetest chips I’ve tasted. They contain only three ingredients: coconut, cane sugar, and sea salt. They are baked, have no preservatives, no cholesterol, 0 trans fat, and gluten-free. The package is one of those sturdy foil/plastic that open with a little bit of strength and you need to open carefully so the chips don’t go flying. They are off-white and look like shaved white chocolate. They are crunchy and sweet and can be overwhelming to eat in one sitting even though it is a small package. I think these would be great used as a dessert topping on: ice cream, yogurt, cake, or any baked good that goes well paired with crunchy coconut.031
Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
4. Gum Pops Glee Gum 3 Maybe
I thought this was a gum on a stick hence the name Gum Pops, when I got the package open I realized it was a lollipop. I don’t like lollipops and was disappointed I got this in my package. The flavor was not listed in the brochure. I tried to read the label on the candy but it is tightly sealed onto the product. I tore it open as it is not easy to twist open with ease. It was a bit melted and sticky and the  flavor is strawberry, a bit tart and sweet. I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it. It reminded me a lot of the charm blow pops and there was bubble gum in the middle. It is gluten-free and non-gmo a great alternative to your average artificial one.040Coupon: 15% OFF on gleegum.comEnter: LOVEGLEE715 Expires: 10/31/2015
Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
5. Hawaiian BBQ One Potato Two Potato 4 Yes
This was the best thing in the box this month. Look at the packaging it looks really adorable and they are made from non-gmo ingredients.  This bag almost took up the whole box and it is a 2 serving sized amount of goodness.  It taste like your average bbq potato chips and you wouldn’t even know that it doesn’t contain msg,  gluten, or artificial flavors or artificial ingredients and it doesn’t! If this product was USDA Organic I would’ve given it an extra point on my rating. Other than that I really enjoyed this.028
Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
6. True Lemon, Lime, Orange, and grapefruit True Citrus  3 Maybe
This was another disappointment when I first saw these. Four tiny packets of different flavors to mix into your drink/water. I gave the lemon one a try and surprisingly it was not sweet, it was tart like a lemon drink should be. I haven’t tried the other ones yet but I am glad to know they are sugar-free. This would be nice for travel if you know citrus won’t be available you can take some on the go for a refreshing drink packed with vitamin C.038Coupon: 30% OFF first purchase on www.truelemonstore.comCode: TRUELOVEWITHFOOD30
Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
7. Lemon Almond Biscotti Biscotti Di Suzy 3 Maybe
This was the third best item in the box for this month.  This was not labeled “mini” since they have two sizes to the product. I got the mini version and the biscotti wasn’t too hard but pretty easy to bite and yummy with a hint of lemon and almond. I noticed this product was neither vegan, non-gmo, gluten-free, or organic which is a bummer.030
Snack Brand Rate 1-5 Purchase
8. Blueberry Acai Flax Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze Munk Pack 2 No
First off the package looks cute. It is a squeezable twist top great for travel and especially great for active people for something other than trail mix or granola. It is great that it is gluten-free, vegan, and non-gmo. I didn’t like the taste too much plus it reminds me of baby food. If this was USDA Organic I would purchase for my child. I can’t get myself to suck oatmeal. The only way I would see myself eating these are probably squeezed out into a bowl eaten with a spoon. These would probably be great for college students too when there is no time to eat just grab and go. If you like these kinds of quick sustained energy they have a variety of other flavors.034Coupon: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Manufacturer’s Coupon

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Email I recevied from Love with Food:


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I must say this was my least favorite box out of all 6 boxes. I really enjoyed 3 items out of 8. There were 4 packets of flavor mixes for flavoring water, squeezable oatmeal, and an unusual flavored granola snack that I didn’t enjoy. The snacks were disappointing but when I think about it I am grateful that this company donates to food banks for someone in need for each box I purchase. So I always think of it as charity and I am grateful that I have food to eat and thankful that my purchase is helping feed someone who isn’t as fortunate as me.

I also want to add that this is a tasting box not the best of the best snack box. I am glad to subscribe to this company. I don’t always enjoy the snacks but it is fun to try out new foods. Many times when I don’t enjoy the snacks I see many other flavors I would like instead on the company’s website. Be sure to look for other flavors and products offered online and have fun with what you eat!

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading! If you have any questions, suggestions, or tips please leave them in the comments below. You can try your  first box for an additional 40% off Click here for my link.

♥ Michelle

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