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This summer my family and I flew Jetblue for the first time. I’ve taken two other major United States based airlines and I must say I was fairly impressed with this one. I chose to take this airline based on yelp reviews and something about the color blue seemed soothing to me. Of course everyone has different experiences and thoughts on certain airlines depending on their unique situations. This is my overview on my experience for Flight 351 from New York to Cancun and for Flight 752 from Cancun back to New York. 


Reservations, seat selection, and questions answered.

When I booked my flight to Cancun I had to pay a little extra to fly Jetblue.  I made reservations online through Travelocity and requested disability seating for my daughter. I received an email confirming my seat selection and we were all set to go. But first, I had some questions especially as a parent regarding flight regulations. Listed below I answer some of the questions that I came across before flying to Cancun. If you are planning to fly Jetblue with a toddler I hope these tips are helpful in someway. Or if you were curious to see what Jetblue offers instead you can scroll down until you see red hearts for more information.


  • Strollers

Am I allowed to bring my own stroller and if so is there a weight/size limit?

Yes: I have a Maclaren XLR weighing about 17 pounds. I thought this would be too heavy and bulky so I was wondering if I should buy a lightweight umbrella stroller. It turns out that I didn’t have to and you can even bring your own wheelchair if you need to without extra charge.

Tip: I read a lot of reviews that personal belongings such as check-ins and strollers were not treated well and some are returned torn or damaged. I linked some of forums below if you are concerned about your luggage/stroller you can read about it below. However, Jetblue specifically states on their website they are not held responsible for strollers, luggage totes and the list goes on! I personally haven’t had that experience during this flight but I did see someone who was complaining that both of his brand new luggages were torn, and boy did they look pretty beat up.

Some forums complaining about damaged personal belongings:

Damaged Cup Holder

Strollers Dragged 

Damaged Car Seat


  • Do strollers have to be checked-in as baggage?

No: Since my daughter cannot walk I was worried I would have to carry her while juggling our carry-ons. It turns out she could stay in her stroller except through security check I would have to hold her and the stroller would be scanned through the machine. After that she was in the stroller all the way until it was gate checked right before we boarded. As soon as we were about to enter the plane someone puts a neon pink tag on the stroller and right before you enter to see the pilot there is someone outside taking the strollers.


  •  If I have to check-in my stroller can I get a wheelchair and how far could I take it?

Yes: After I found out I could stroll my daughter right before boarding I didn’t have to get a wheelchair for her but I am sure the same rules apply if you decide to  bring your wheelchair you can have it gate-checked. If you need to borrow a wheelchair you can even request to have one so call ahead!


Blender: Would I be able to bring a blender in my carry-on?

No: My daughter can only eat pureed foods so bringing our magic bullet is a must. We didn’t want to check-in any bags but we also didn’t want to find out we had to throw out our blender if it wasn’t allowed. I called Jetblue to make sure and the the lady was really nice but she had no idea if blenders were allowed on as carry-ons. She read to me all of the prohibited items that I had already read online but wasn’t able to answer my question. I ended up checking in one luggage with the blender and all of our liquids over 3.4 0z just to be safe.


Liquids: How much liquid is allowed on carry-ons?

1 clear 1oz ziplock bag per customer is allowed each item must be less than 3.4 oz.

Check out this Youtube video for detailed information on how to pack your liquids and makeup:

 What’s in my Travel & TSA Bag


Baby Food: How much extra liquid is considered TSA approved for my child’s feeding needs?

Reasonable amount: I was allowed to bring an extra separate ziplock bag for my daughter’s 8oz bottle filled with 6oz of coconut water. I also took 3 pouches of baby food (safer than glass jars and less heavy), along with a bottle of pediasure, and a 4 oz container of food.

Baby Travel Tips Youtube Video

Baby Food Gets Confiscated 


Medication: Am I allowed to bring medication in my carry-on for my daughter?

Yes: I was allowed to bring any medication. I didn’t want to bring a bulky bottle so I went to her pharmacy and asked for a smaller bottle with a label with her name and medication. When I got home I measured out the medication she needed for the trip and for an extra 3 days just in case. I kept her medication in the same ziplock bag as her feeding bag.


Weight Limit: What is the weight limit for carry-ons?

For my flight the weight limit for carry-on was 35 pounds according to the person I talked to on Jetblue (call to make sure). Checked-in bags cost $25 with a weight limit of 50 pounds.

Tip: If you check-in your bags yourself using a Kiosk Machine you could save $5.00 and pay $20 not only do you save money, there usually isn’t a line. Just make sure to bring your luggage and your print-out to the line where it says baggage drop-off and not the check-in line!


Would I be able to bring a carry-on for my daughter?

Yes: Each ticket purchased means each person is allowed 1 carry-on and it must fit in the overhead bin or underneath the seat and a personal item such as a purse or diaper bag is allowed.


Boarding: Would I be able to pre-board since I have a child?

Yes: Parents with children are called to board earlier just so they have time to strap in carseats and to settle kids down. There is also a silent boarding for people with disabilities.

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I had so many questions and I wanted to be prepared for anything and everything. I looked online, read reviews, but the best thing to do was call Jetblue directly for specific answers. Some of the questions I asked were easily answered but some unfortunately were not.

At the Airport: Kiosk check-in, baggage drop-off, and security check.

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On the day of departure, we arrived to Jetblue about an hour before take off. We checked in our luggage at a Kiosk machine and saved $5.00. Once we had our print-out we took our bags and waited in line to have our bags dropped (much shorter line than check-in line). We then went through security check: took off our shoes, took out all plastic ziplock bags with liquid, our electronics, and took my child out of her stroller. It was pretty hectic but we managed to get everything done.

Something is missing!

When I strapped my daughter back into her stroller and we had all our carry-on items, my husband didn’t see his belt bag. We had our passports and tickets in there. We were panicking! We looked frantically in each bin and around us and didn’t see it anywhere. We notified the security guard that it must’ve been stolen. He was asking us a question in a calm manner, we didn’t hear him. He was asking us the same question about 3 times and I thought he was insane! Here we were asking about a missing bag and he was talking about baby formula.

Infant/Toddler liquids

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Once I realized what he was asking I checked my purse and realized we didn’t get our baby food and once I knew what he was asking I was able to respond. He calmly went over to where our baby food and my husband’s belt bag was (just a few steps away) and carefully screened the liquids through a different machine. Oh my gosh I almost had a heart attack! These kinds of things must happen to him all the time, he was completely calm! It can be really hectic especially when you have a lot of luggage and child to take care of. Just a heads up, the liquids are taken aside for thorough examination. Make sure to let them know you are waiting for your liquids to get them checked and they will retrieve it for you.

After security check: shops, snacks, best buy, benefit cosmetics, and duty-free. 

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Once past security there were lots of eateries and shops where you can purchase snacks, drinks, and meals. Yes you can bring water and anything else you purchase in the shops to take with you on board. I also saw vending machines for Honest Company where you can purchase diapers, wipes, swimwear, sunscreen, and all sorts of other items. Too bad the machine wasn’t working! I also saw vending machines for Best Buy items and for Benefit Cosmetics.

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 Time for take-off: humidifier, snacks, and movies.

After picking up a few snacks we boarded and sat in aisle 6. Jetblue arrived on-time and flew as scheduled. There was air coming out of the overhead bins it appeared to look like a humidifier and the air was cool and moist. We took-off after circling around the runway and once in the air as usual safety procedures were presented. I had no idea Jetblue offered free snacks and beverages as part of the flight. My husband even got a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and my daughter had a juice (I usually do not give her juice). Movies, music, and entertainment were provided as well, I was very pleased especially since I had no idea these were included.


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Filling out customs.

My one complaint on the flight was when I was filling out the customs there was one question I didn’t understand. I asked the flight attendant and she said she had no idea and would ask another flight attendant. She came back a few minutes later and told me the other flight attendant didn’t know either (I don’t think she even asked). I don’t understand how they wouldn’t know how to answer the customs if they are flying frequently I’m sure they get asked often. If Jetblue claims to be best in service I would think they would be able to better assist with such matters.

Tip: Make sure to bring your own pen. Someone asked the stewardess for a pen and she said they do not provide pens and to ask a neighbor.



Flying from New York to Cancun the landing was smooth, it didn’t even feel like we were on a plane! I really appreciated it. Kudos to the captain! However on the way back to New York from Cancun it was a regular shaky landing.


-Arrived and landed on time both ways.

-Free snacks and beverages.

-Movies, music, and entertainment.

-Flight from Cancun to New York took off a bit earlier.

-Clean and comfy.

-Promptly sends email confirmation and customer service call isn’t too long of a wait.

-I did prefer the flight from New York to Cancun much more.


Jetblue customer service was not able to answer some of my questions.

-Flight attendant did not know how to assist with customs handout.

-Our flight from Cancun to New York we didn’t get our stroller until everyone had gotten off the plane, it took forever to get our stroller. My arms and back were killing me from carrying my 26 pound 3 year old who cannot stand.

-I overheard one of the passengers complaining that both of his brand new luggage had been torn when he retrieved them from the baggage claim. I saw his luggage and they were pretty torn up. I’ve read a lot of reviews about this problem and a lot of issues about personal items returned  in terrible condition.

Final Thoughts:

Overall I enjoyed taking Jetblue and would love to take their mint sometime in the future. The advertisement for Jetblue Mint is persuasive and you even get a birchbox, organic icecream, and good food! Anyway that is for another time hopefully. For my recent travel I was pleasantly surprised that we were given free snacks, water, and drinks. You can even purchase light meals on the flight which is always nice. Flight came on time and arrived on time although one landing was smoother than the other I am glad there were no delays or cancellations. Based on these 2 flights I took with them to Cancun, I would take Jetblue again in the future.

<3 Michelle K. M

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