Ipsy Makeup Subscription Overview

What is Ipsy?

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Ipsy, derived from a latin word, means ‘sense of self’ and for $10 a month, you can subscribe to have makeup personally styled for you. Discover new makeup brands and products that can help enhance your beauty and self-esteem. Ipsy is big on social media and connecting with other ipsters on their online platform. This makeup community is created to help inspire other girls and empower them. The products are mostly deluxe size and sometimes, you can find an item or two full size products as well. In order to personalize your products you simply take a 3 minute quiz on their website. Based on your answers a beauty curator picks out 4-5 samples ranging anywhere from, eye, lip, face makeup, hair and/or brush products to ship out to you. You can always retake the quiz online as much as you want to.


What else do I need to know?

The quiz is simple and visually pleasing it takes less than 5 minutes to sign up. Co-founded by Michelle Phan in 2011, what was once named ‘My Glam’ was launched in 2012 and renamed ‘Ipsy’. It is a well-known makeup subscription that comes delivered in a hot pink bubbled package that protects the cute designed, reusable makeup bag filled with samples inside. Everyone gets a similar reusable makeup pouch each month but the bags are always different in color and style for each month’s theme.


However, unlike any subscription service this one comes with a waiting list. You could wait anywhere from a month to three to receive your first package. You won’t be charged until your first box has shipped so don’t worry about giving your credit card information; as long as you don’t mind the wait. Ipsy will most likely send you an email in a few days giving you a chance to get off the waitlist. Simply help them promote their company on your social media and you could get your box without the wait.

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What subscribers are saying.

There are a lot of mixed reviews about this subscription. To start, customers are frustrated there is a waitlist and even more bothered when they have to promote Ipsy on their social media to get off the wait-list. Not only does it make them appear as spammers, they feel that they are being used as free promoters and advertising a company they haven’t even tried yet is misleading. Others offer advice to wait patiently and before you know it you’ll be off the waitlist. Or if you really can’t wait, some people suggest to set your post to private so no one but you can see Ipsy advertisements or delete them in a few hours.

Ipsy Cons:

Previous Ipsy subscribers complain about their horrible customer service mainly because everything must be resolved via email and it takes forever for them to respond. From what customers are saying, it is especially hard when you try to cancel; since you have to wait for an email response to confirm the cancellation it could be a problem if ipsycare doesn’t respond in time. For those who chose the annual route, once your subscription automatically renews it makes it even harder to cancel because there are no refunds. A suggestion is to cancel your annual subscription as soon as you get your first bag because you will get all 12 bags for the year and you don’t have to worry about an email confirmation 2 months before you do decide to cancel–just in case it does take them forever to respond. After about 9-10 months into the subscription if you feel like Ipsy is awesome, just re-subscribe and keep in mind there will be a wait list. If you rejoin in a timely manner once your wait is over you will probably have received your last annual bag and hopefully get the next one the following month.

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Others complained that they felt jipped when charged the full price for 12 glam bags when it clearly states on their website annual subscriptions will be charged for 11 bags instead of 12. There’s no way to speak to them over the phone because they don’t have a number. Others are disappointed with the products and think it is not personalized at all but computer generated. Customers say they receive products that do not match their skin tone or hair color and it doesn’t feel like they are listening to customers but randomly throwing products into the bag. Some feel like the products are not worth the money and most of them goes to waste.

Ipsy Pros:

On the other hand, those who praise Ipsy love the idea of having monthly beauty products delivered to their home. Opening the package is like Christmas every month. The bright pink package is fun to see and unpack. Each month the reusable bag (wallet-size zipper bag) that comes with it can be used to store things such as: makeup, writing utensils, snacks, hair accessories, lip products, tampons or pads. You get a bag for each month, what you can store in there is endless. If you feel like you have one too many bags, re-gift them! The reusable bags are also great for travel, you can also store q-tips, eye products, or use as a mini clutch on those days you just want to carry your cash and keys. You can discover some great makeup brands and some adventurous colors that might get you out of your comfort zone, but you didn’t pay full price so you can relax and have fun with it. Most of the products are drugstore brands and recently they have been including brands like Urban Decay, Glamglow, and Dr. Brandt.

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Ipsy Overview:

Definitely try out Ipsy if you want fun new makeup. A must for someone who doesn’t want to spend 5 bucks for a color they wouldn’t normally buy. Great for someone who wants to be adventurous with makeup. Great for travellers too. These are not foil sized samples, they are more like the 100 point samples you get from Sephora. Some people discover new products and end up loving them. Others discover which brands to avoid. Others are excited to get fun makeup items they would never buy for themselves. Ipsy is a fun way to discover new items and colors. Even though it is supposed to be curated to your color profile, each month Ipsy has a few selections to pick from and they do the best they can to choose what you might like based on those preferences. If anything you can even regift makeup to someone that might actually enjoy it if you didn’t find it to be pleasant for that month. Ipsy also offers discounted makeup items on their site for ipsters. You can earn points and redeem them for prizes too. For $10 a month it is a fun way to find yourself through makeup.

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Disclaimer: I am not sponsered or paid to write this post. All opinions are my own. Photos are taken from beauty quiz at Ipsy.com for visual purposes. If you would like to see all of the photos please check them out on Ipsy.com

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