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After much contemplation I finally decided to give The Honest Company a shot. Before I placed my first order I went to their website and clicked on their live chat. The whole process was completed online and customer service helped me with my order. I decided to purchase the bundle savings  on the Diaper and Wipes ($79.95 ) and wanted to try out all 3 of the free trial kits. I asked if I could have the $5.95 shipping waived since orders over $50.00 qualify for free shipping. The person on the other end was very nice, customer service top-notch, and she waived the free trial shipping fee, plus I got a $10.00 off for my first order with a coupon code.

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Even though I was already purchasing the diaper bundle, I wasn’t sure which size would suit my daughter, according to the size chart she could fit either a size 3 or 4. I purchased the size 3 diapers since she is  25 pounds and on the slimmer side. For the free trial I asked for the size 4 diapers so I can have my daughter try them out and see if they fit better for her. The other 2 free trial kits I ordered was the essential bundle and the prenatal and DHA/Omega-3 bundle. At the time of ordering, they didn’t have the Infant formula and since my daughter was no longer a newborn I didn’t try out the fourth sampler. These are the 6 diaper designs I chose for the Diaper and Wipe Bundle:

 Optionvalue-401-thumbnail_square-818572e8-55f3-44f1-aaaf-54017bccfe65_square_small  Optionvalue-11-thumbnail_square-13586516-e362-45d7-93e2-b4e29628d23c_square_small  Optionvalue-400-thumbnail_square-3bfe6f6a-bb30-4338-99d3-e50aa455adbd_square_small  Optionvalue-435-thumbnail_square-a412ed41-0113-4eac-89e2-cb0b670d038e_square_small  Optionvalue-118-thumbnail_square-6fcc08fe-2cc6-40b5-a36d-dadf63bbd6f3_square_small  Optionvalue-510-thumbnail_square-249a42e3-c7d8-4958-a5d6-d58712348758_square_small


Bloom Chevron Holiday Sweater Strawberries

Sleeping Bears


These are the 3 trial kits I ordered:

 Variant-203-thumbnail_square-3881e946-f6c5-45e6-9feb-b967f3d9bf52_square_small  Variant-72-thumbnail_square-2682f11c-0e33-4534-b5b7-77e886a2d2c4_square_small  Variant-288-thumbnail_square-59d98058-dd35-4b22-8699-9a284a6ae624_square_small
Diapers Sample CollectionGirls Size 4, Wipes 10-Count $0.00 Essentials Sample Pack $0.00 Prenatal & DHA/Omega-3 Sample Pack$0.00

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The total price for my first diaper and wipe bundle order:


Tax Shipping & Handling Coupon Discount Order Total
$79.95 $0.00 $0.00 -$10.00


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First Box Arrives:

The cardboard box lightly designed with baby blue flowers arrived 5 days after my order. The box was big and heavy and filled neatly to the top. I took out the diapers and each design looked just as cute in person as it did online. I received everything in my order except for the size 4 diapers from the free trial kit. I was also missing the vitamins from the free trial kit as well. I received the paper packet for the vitamins but without the prenatal or omega-3 samples.


Customer Service:

When I opened my box to find some of my items were missing I felt disappointed because I had high hopes for this company. I called customer service immediately: 1-888-862-8818 and I didn’t have to wait long to speak to someone. I explained that the size 4 diapers were not sent but I did receive the free 10 wipes and about the missing vitamins. Customer service said it was the first time they heard of a vitamin packet being sent out without the vitamins but would send out my missing items right away. I must say even customer service over the phone was highly professional. I received the size 4 diapers and vitamin samplers 3 days after the call!

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Honest Diaper and Wipe Review:

The size 3 diapers fit perfectly for my daughter and we rarely had an issue with them.

I did notice that on days when she drinks fresh coconut water it doesn’t hold up overnight and some urine will come out the back flap upwards her back. I will usually change her diaper right before she sleeps or recommend to use a bigger size for overnight wear.

Honest Diapers run smaller in size compared to Huggies or Pampers just keep that in mind if you want to order these diapers.

The diapers weren’t too soft or too stiff, size of diaper is printed on the inside flap, the designs are cute and fun! You can choose up to 6 designs and they switch up or bring in new designs seasonally.

Poopy diapers aren’t masked as Pampers diapers are. Since there is no added fragrance you can tell right away when diapers need to be changed which is good for your baby’s bottom.

The wipes are sturdy and not too wet or too dry. My daughter needs a diaper change 4 times a day or 5 if she poops. I don’t use a wipe for every change since she has a nice bath every night and her diaper is changed quite frequently. I will use about 2-3 wipes for soiled diapers and that cleans her bottom until bath time.

We end up having a lot of wipes left over so I will give some as presents for moms to be as a stocking stuffer. Or I use the wipes for cleaning around the house to wipe tables,  areas around the floor, toys, and other small items. I use some to clean off my daughter’s face and hands after a meal. You can even use as a makeup wipe. Endless possibilities.

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Essential Bundle Trial Review:

I was really excited to try out natural and non-toxic products this company offers. The packaging is awesome, the colors are pretty, and all the mottos they proclaim are very appealing for moms. However once I tried out this kit, I wasn’t too impressed with most of the products.


Face+Body Lotion: This product seems  water based, easy to apply, and it absorbs well into the skin. It doesn’t leave a white residue, doesn’t feel sticky and makes your skin feel soft. However this product is not organic, ingredient includes alcohol, and this lotion smells like plastic. My daughter started getting small bumps on her chest from using this product. Her skin would feel dry and patchy. I had to stop using this on her. I will not buy this product ever.

 •Organic Healing Balm: After my daughter’s skin reaction from the Face+Body Lotion I applied the healing balm on her. It feels like a thick vaseline and a little hard to rub all over the body so I had to mix in some of our organic coconut oil to help make application easier. This product mixed with the coconut oil helped calm down her skin bumps. It left her skin feeling moisturized and shiny. It can feel a bit greasy and has a hint of sweet almond/shea butter smell. I might purchase this product because it is USDA Organic.

Shampoo+body wash: This product smells like a creamsicle. It lathers up nicely on the hair, but again my daughter had a skin reaction and her skin became irritated and dry. I stopped using this product and will not purchase this for her. I have seen this product sold in bulk at Costco.

Honest Hand Soap: This is a nice hand soap with a lovely lavender smell. It has a light lather and cleans hands nicely. I would like to purchase this product but I already have a lavender hand soap I love and the one I purchase in my local supermarket is organic, nicely sized and for a great price.

Multi-Surface Cleaner: I like this product because it doesn’t smell toxic or have harsh chemicals. I feel safe knowing that I can breathe in the air without having to hold my breath. I would say this product is great for light cleaning such as for tabletops, toys, countertops, sinks, or any surface area. Don’t count on heavy duty grease removal, this product is gentle and nice to have for quick cleanups. This is a nice option and better than your average cleaner.


Overall: The motto and proclaims from this company draws in parents: non-toxic, safe, eco-friendly, no harsh chemicals. This makes you think other brands out there possibly have unsafe ingredients whereas this company points out they don’t. All the things this company claims is definitely what every parents want for their little ones. On top of that, the packaging, labels, and presentation are appealing. The diapers are nice, it’s fun to pick out your designs, and the diaper isn’t too soft so baby is too comfortable nor is it too stiff so baby wants out of diaper. It is never frustrating to speak to someone on the phone or online, the customer service is unbeatable. It is also very convenient to have diapers and wipes delivered to your home. The other products are nice and I like that they try to go the natural route but some of them just didn’t cut it for me. I will continue purchasing the diapers and wipes but not too thrilled for their skin products.

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