Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion

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Hello Beauties!  Here are a few items from Etude House Korea.  I picked up their Precious Mineral Any Cushion in all four shades, along with some other products. If you were wondering about these products here is my mini haul and first impressions.


The first product is Etude House Baby Choux Base in Mint.

This green base is worn under your makeup to cover any redness. I don’t recommend applying this all over your face, just in the areas where your face tends to get red. This product can either brighten your face or can make it appear ashy if you use too much.

Pros: Cute packaging, small size great for travel, this doesn’t have any minty scent to it but smells lovely all the same. This product is great for toning down minor redness and minor blemishes.

Cons: I noticed this product clings to dry patches and leaves a white cast on my face especially if I apply it all over my face or too much. It appears cakey around my nose area as well.


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Next is the Etude House Secret Beam Highlighter in Pink and White Mix. Just look at those beautiful pastel colors! The texture feels soft and airy. There is no noticeable scent. When used with a brush the excess product falls out like soft snowflakes. The beam when applied to the cheeks can look white, pink, lavender purple, or silver depending on how much you layer. You can wear a light sweep of beam or layer it on. It has tiny sparkles and can seem glittery. This is not a natural looking highlighter but still pretty especially if paired nicely with a bronzer.


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Now for the best seller Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion. The packaging is white, round, and chunky. When you push open the front of the compact inside there is a mirror, a blue colored cushion, and the liquid foundation soaked inside a sponge like material. It has a strong perfume scent that can possibly bother some that do not like fragrance. Usually with Korean foundations I strongly recommend getting a shade darker than your skin tone because usually most of them appear to make your skin look lighter.

I bought all 4 shades and each of them are light to medium coverage.

This product is best for people who already have nice skin since it applies like your skin but better. If your skin is nice and smooth this product can enhance your texture by giving you a nice dewy glow with a light blurring effect on your minor flaws.

If you have blemishes or uneven  texture this can emphasize those areas and make your skin look cakey. If you really want to use this product you can try applying one thin layer as base makeup and apply a different foundation over it.

For my skin the first two:  light beige No2 and rosy beige were too light for me so it created a white cast over my face and appeared cakey.

The third shade in Natural Beige W13 was also a bit too light for my skin tone, however with bronzer and blush I was able to pull it off but it didn’t give me the full coverage that I wanted since I do not have perfect skin.

The last shade which is Honey Beige is the darkest shade and it matched well for my slightly tanned Asian skin, it gave me a medium coverage and made my skin appear dewy and healthy.


Etude House is an affordable makeup brand, their concept is girly and cute. I personally did not like the Baby Choux Mint Base, but my mom (she has dry skin) loves to use it as her primer. It is an affordable option if you like using green base for under your makeup.

The secret beam highlighter looks okay, there are better ones out there. I will finish up the product making sure not to layer on too much but I will not repurchase. Again if you are on a budget, this one will do.

For the Precious Mineral Any Cushion, I don’t think it is for me. It is nice to wear as a light coverage on days when you don’t want to wear makeup and great  as a nice sun protectant since it has SPF 50+ just make sure to purchase the right shade for your skin tone.

I hope you found this somewhat helpful!

<3 Michelle K. M


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