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Hello Beauties! This time of year Sephora has a bunch of rewards in their Bazaar Program. You’ll see all sorts of sets from their 500 point perks section. There are a few to choose from along with other deluxe point perk items. I for one have a hard time deciding what to get if I see so many choices!  I would never have picked this set from Clinique because I associate this brand with my aunt, so I always thought they were geared for mature woman. That all changed when I got a sample of their Even Better Makeup I was in love! I was so impressed I wanted to try more, this one product had me intrigued and I wanted to try it, their Pop Lip Colour. This is my review for the 500 point perk Clinique Balm to Bombshell, and yes, it is still available on Sephora online.

thumb_img_2111_1024this set contains 4 deluxe-size samples including:

mascara, lipstick, lip product, and cleansing balm.

thumb_img_2114_1024ingredient and product information on the back for each product.

thumb_img_2117_1024Packaged in this box that looks similar to their shopping bag:

black and white stripes!

thumb_img_2131_1024the products:

-Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara .14oz/4ml

-Pop Lip Colour+Primer, Shade: Cherry Pop 0.08oz/.23g

-Almost Lipstick, Shade: Pink Honey .08oz/2.3g

-Cleansing Balm .5oz/15ml


cleansing balm review:

Packaging: Sturdy glass-like plastic with twist off cap 
that has a mirror-like reflective on top of cap.

Scent: Fragrance-free.

Texture: Balm transforms into oil once massaged onto the face.
Balm texture makes it easier to use and great to travel with.
Turns creamy, milky, and smooth once washed with warm water.

Claim: To remove all trace of makeup by melting it off. 

First Impression: I like that this product has no scent. It feels 
nice on the skin and it is gentle to use as a first step
makeup remover, but needs to be followed by a second cleanser.

This doesn't remove all trace of makeup as it 
claims and I feel a thin layer of film is left on my skin.
My vision slighly gets blurred if it goes near my eyes,
but it does not sting at all.
In order to fully remove my makeup I would have to use a
second cleanser to remove the oil that is still left on my
face. I did notice some of the balm clung onto my nose even
though I washed throughly.

Verdict: If you don't mind double-cleansing, this is a gentle,
fragrance-free balm to oil makeup remover that will 
melt your makeup off. I would suggest to wash your face with warm
water and remove the excess oil with a warm towel, and/or wash
with a second cleanser.

If you were looking for a balm to oil makeup cleanser
that will fully remove all trace of makeup in one shot, this
is not the product. 

thumb_img_2149_1024Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara: jumbo jet

Packaging: Chubby tube indeed. Wand has long, thin, spiky,
plastic bristles. Wand applicator is as big as my eye.

Scent: Claims to be fragrance-free but did detect
a chemical-like scent as found in any other mascara. 

Texture: Formula isn't too wet.

Claim: Transforms lashes from fine to bold. Can layer on
without clumping, flaking, or smudging.  

First Impression: Tube is thicker than any other mascara I've
ever seen. The only thing chubby about this mascara is the tube 
itself. Not sure how the thickness of the tube has anything
to do with the formula as the wand is thin like any other
mascara. On closer inspection I noticed a tear on each side
of the wand and thought I received a faulty one. Just in case
you wondered too, no, it's supposed to look like that.
Although the wand is oversized it feels light-weight
like I am not even applying anything on my lashes. It takes a
couple of applications to build up the volume and once product
is on your lashes you can feel the mascara grip on.  
It is buildable, lashes look natural, defines them to appear
longer, and it didn't clump.

Verdict: This mascara gives a nice fluffy, natural looking 
length to the lash. It separates the lashes, it isn't
clumpy and you can layer it on to make lashes look darker.
Although the end result was nice, I didn't like that I had to
layer it on a couple of times to get the desired look, 
it took longer than need be. Nice to use on special occasions
when you want to look naturally beautiful, but too much work
for everyday. (It does make lashes look gorgeous, though.) 

thumb_img_2151_1024POP LIP COLOUR + PRIMER – CHERRY POP

Packaging: Gorgeous! Square-shaped tube prevents it from
rolling away. Bottom half of the tube indicates the shade of
the lipstick making it easy to identify.
Scent: Fragrance-free.

Texture: Smooth, creamy, soft, buttery. Feels moisturizing.

Claim: Light-weight formula lasts up to 8 hours, glides on
effortlessly. Color stays true while comfortable on the lips.

First Impression: Love the packaging! This is the lipstick
that caught my attention and the main reason why I wanted to 
get this 500 point perk set. Reds are not my color but I 
wanted to try this without having to pay for a full-size
to try out a lip product I may or may not like. 

This is the best product in the box. The color is stunning! 
It is blue-based which helps teeth appear to look whiter. 
Cherry Pop is opaque and one layer is all you need. The color
is vibrant you need to apply carefully or use a lip brush 
for precise application. It doesn't dry down completely, has
a satin finish, and has some transfer. Needs reapplication.
I don't think this lasts up to 8 hours unless you blot it dry.
Not a big deal to me because I do really like this color.

Verdict: I'm in love with this color! I am very interested in
checking out their other colors.

thumb_img_2155_1024Pop Lip Colour + Primer – Cherry Pop fits in the palm of my hand.thumb_img_2425_1024POP LIP COLOUR + PRIMER – CHERRY POP worn on my lips.

thumb_img_2164_10241POP LIP COLOUR + PRIMER – CHERRY POP swatched on my arm.thumb_img_2163_1024Almost Lipstick – Pink Honey

Packaging: Simple thin tube, looks pretty.

Scent: Fragrance-free.
Texture: Smooth, creamy, soft, buttery. Feels moisturizing.

Claim: Universally flattering, ultra-light shade, transparent
formula fuses with natural tone of your lips to create a 
color unique to you. 
First Impression: This is one of their best-selling items. 
I've seen this before but was never interested in purchasing
it. I am glad I got to try it and didn't have to purchase it.
This isn't really a lipstick or a lipgloss. It is very sheer
but you can easily layer it on for more color. It feels very 
nice and glides on wonderfully. Perfect to put on for a no fuss
naturally beautiful lip look. Helps make dull dry lips appear 
to look healthier.

Verdict: Easy to apply when you're in a rush, gives a lovely
pink tinge to the lips. Looks natural and almost like my lips
but better. Would get again from points perk or as sample.

thumb_img_2168_1024ALMOST LIPSTICK – PINK HONEY swatched on my arm.

thumb_img_2416_1024ALMOST LIPSTICK – PINK HONEY applied on my lips.

thumb_img_2171_1024Price breakdown


I'm glad I got to try out more products from Clinique with 
this set. I really like their makeup. The ones I've tried so 
far give a natural finish which is great for the everyday gal.
The best item in this set of course is the lipstick. I will 
have to test out the other items some more to fully get an 
idea about each item, but so far this was a nice set. 
If you've been eyeing any of these products, go check out: 
Sephora Bazaar Rewards Program and snatch one while still 
available. Or just go check out the lipstick and get the full
size one in your favorite shade.

<3 Michelle
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