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A couple of months ago, Sephora was having their Beauty Insider sale and it was also my birthday month.  Not only did I get 10% off I also received a birthday gift, 3 free samples with each online order, free shipping on orders over $50, a weekly reward, point perk rewards, and I had a $50.00 gift card! April was a wonderful month, well… it would’ve been nicer to get 15% off my purchases, but I am not even close to VIB rouge status. 

The sale came at a perfect time because I was in need of two items but of course I ended up buying a few more things. Since it is now already July, I have tried out most of the products and can safely write a mini review on my thoughts.

Josie Maran Argan Skincare Ritual

I’ve heard so many good things about this line so I was really happy to get this as a gift. This is a pretty nice product because it leaves out a lot of unnecessary ingredients including:  paraben, synthetic fragrance, and gluten. Includes natural and organic ingredients, and cruelty free too.

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This deluxe sample set includes:

A  good amount of nourishing argan oil daily cleanser (1.9 fl. oz.), it smells sweet, the scent reminds me of Trident’s splash orange gum. It’s nice to use when you have time to massage your face, it glides on nice and smooth, not too oily and with water it turns into a milky white liquid. It is gentle to use daily but I will use it once a week and more so during the winter when my skin is drier.

It also came with a 100% pure argan moisture oil (5fl. oz.) in a recyclable glass dropper bottle. If you buy this product individually for this size it cost $16.00. So this set is a steel! It is a highly concentrated, cold pressed, high quality product and the recyclable bottles are purchased from women that help ensure protection of Argan trees and reforestation in Morocco. This is really nice to use on your face especially during the winter, even in the summer you can use a tiny bit to add moisture to your face. This came in really handy when my nose dried out from all the rubbing I had to do from a cold that left me sneezing all week, this helped to make my nose feel less painful. It can also be used on your cuticles, hair, and as a night time treatment.

The third item is an Argan daily moisturizer with SPF 47 (0.5 fl. oz.). This product comes in a glass pump  bottle. It is a thin liquid but it has a light sunscreen consistency that needs to be rubbed into the skin for the white to disappear. This also smells sweet and citrusy like the cleansing oil. This product line is created by a model turned business owner, her products are earth friendly and good for people. I really like this product and will continue to purchase, just not in full size.


Origins Ginzing Extra-Zing Energizing Kit comes with these three deluxe samples:

+Refreshing Scrub Cleanser

+Energy-boosting moisturizer

+Refreshing eye cream

This was also a birthday present and something I’ve been wanting to try. As you can see in the photo below I pretty much used up all of the cleanser and moisturizer! I really like the vibrant orange packaging and the citrusy scent it has. Perfect to use in the morning the refreshing scrub cleanser has tiny beads to exfoliate the dead skins off and brighten and wake you up. I still have a lot of the eye cream left and it has a salmon color that helps brighten up the under eyes. I would love to purchase more from this line.


Ole Heneriksen 3 little wonders mini collection

+invigorating night treatment

+sheer transformation

+serum collagen booster

This deluxe sample set is from my sister. Pretty pricey to purchase individually and I think the sets are a great way to try them out. These are potent products especially the green colored bottle. It was a huge mistake to put this on after exfoliating my face, the invigorating overnight resurfacer stung my face! It is not recommended to use after any scrubs or peels, that is what this product does so to double exfoliate is a no no. It is a nice treatment to use sparingly but a little too strong for daily use in my opinion. I do like this and will purchase in set form because a little bit goes a long way.



Origins Rest and Recharge Set

I got this for myself, it was a Mother’s Day special Sephora had for a limited time. They no longer carry this set but Macy’s has the same one for the same price of $51.00 plus tax, and free shipping. I am now a fan of Origins products.

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This set comes with four items, shown in the photo below, going from right to left:

High-Potency Night-A-Mins this feels like a luxurious thick cream, it has a sweet scent. A little goes a long way, I noticed my skin looks dewy when I put this on. If I layer it on too thick my face looks really greasy in the morning, I don’t recommend you put a lot on in the summer. I think this would be excellent to use in the winter months.

Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream, this is the same product from my other set, only this is in tube form and more sanitary and safe to travel with. The salmon color does help make the under eyes look brighter.

Drink Up- Intensive Overnight Mask, for those lazy nights when you don’t want to use sheet masks or you don’t have time. Just apply a thin layer of this and go to sleep. Just be careful not to sleep on your side since the product can smear or collect dust from your pillow. My skin feels hydrated and looks moisturized when I apply this and the next day I wash it off and my face looks nourished.

Energy boosting tinted moisturizer with SPF 15, this is nice to wear under your foundation for extra moisture and sun protection. I wear it over sunscreen for a light tint on days I don’t feel like wearing foundation. This would be nice in the winter for extra moisture for dry skin. I like everything in this set.

(I accidentally dropped my Night-A-Mins and a huge chunk of it fell on the bathroom floor. The top cracked but the bottle stayed intact, thank goodness this is not a glass jar).


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My beauty blender served me well and I was in need of a replacement. My old one is torn and dirty. Pictured below is my newly used one and a brand new one. I bought this set that comes with 2 beauty blenders and a beauty blender cleanser for $40.00.


To purchase 1 of the beauty blenders, It costs $20.00. The blender cleanser alone cost $18.00 if bought individually, so I pretty much got the blender cleanser for free.

I love the beauty blender and I think it is one of the best tools you can use to apply your foundation. It works much better than the drugstore ones I’ve tried. This was my first time to try the blender cleanser. It has a nice pump on the top so you can directly place the beauty blender on the pump and push the soap onto it. The concept is nice, if it works that is. It wasn’t functional since the product spilled out onto the bottle and created a slippery mess. I did not like the cleanser especially because it didn’t completely clean out  the makeup from the sponge. I found myself having to use it multiple times for a one time wash ,it’s a waste of product to use so much.

There is another blender cleanser in solid form, I haven’t tried it and I don’t want to waste $16.00 for a product that might not work. I find that rubbing my beauty blender onto a bar of soap does an excellent job of easily taking out all of the excess makeup, and much cheaper too.


Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo

This is a mini double ended, gluten free, petrochemical free product that helps reduce lip wrinkles overtime. Created with food grade ingredients it contains  an antioxidant equivalent to 2 glasses of red wine.  There are 2 sets, neutral or vivd.  I chose neutral and the shades are date and fig.

The first five swatches are date and the five below are fig. These are really creamy, buttery, and glide on smoothly. They have a sweet scent and the colors look pretty. The color doesn’t stay on too long and you have to reapply often. I accidentally left mine in the car and the heat melted the lipstick, so don’t make the same mistake I did. From this product I concluded I love their lipsticks, the ingredients, the consistency, the texture, and scent, I would love to try more!


Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head Twin Pack

These were very much needed, I’ve been using the one that came with my Clarisonic far too long. There are 6 different brush heads to choose from . I’ve already tried the Delicate brush, (pictured below with the cap on). This time I went for the Normal brush but found that I didn’t like it as much as the Delicate brush.


Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 , SAND

This is one of my frequent purchases, I’ve bought this one so many times since I like this product. I find that the travel size is a better deal and I am more likely to finish it up.


Buxom Two of a Kind

This is a mini lipstick set that comes with two colors: Mistress (Peony Pink,) and Hooligan (Mauve Pink). I kept the darker one for myself (pictured below). Mistress was too pink for me so I gave it to my sister.This one was ok, nothing to write home about, I wouldn’t repurchase this.


Online orders of $50 or more ship for free and you can choose up to 3 free samples. Here are my samples I chose on 3 separate orders:



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My sister got this for her point perks:


My birthday gift:


I also received 2 years worth of Cosmopolitan Magazines:


I used 250 Points to get this Perfume:


This is the gift card I received in december during Christmas, it also comes with a double mirror. IMG_2047

Sephora does an excellent job with weekly rewards, point rewards, birthday gifts, etc.. I was one happy birthday girl.

Tip: Sephora is having their EXTRA POINTS program until August 9, 2015! Check it out if you like getting point perks, now is the time to double, triple, or quadruple it!

<3 Michelle K. M

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