August 2015 IPSY

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A bright pink bubbled package was waiting for me at home, and this can only mean one thing, Ipsy. As usual I had no idea what was inside since I didn’t look at the spoilers. Honestly it is always more exciting not to know what’s inside and much more disappointing if you were expecting one of the items from the sneak peek and not getting it. Usually after looking at my products I go on the Ipsy site and see what the other Ipsters received and what I could’ve gotten. So far I am usually happy with my curated bags and content with the products.This month’s theme, Prep School, is perfect for the upcoming month as many get ready to go back to school. The bag is in black and white as one would imagine school uniforms to resemble. It is vey shiny and feels like vinyl with a front zipper. Their zippers always open with ease and have a nice zipping sound as you open and close them. All of the products I received are essential to have for a good school year.


I must say as I was opening up my bag this month, at first glance, I wasn’t too too thrilled with the products. I wasn’t too excited for the bag either, the design on the bag is not my favorite. All in all the bags do come in handy and I have been using every single one to store my makeup and skincare products. They are also perfect for travel and I will be using them for next week’s trip to Cancun. When I got a closer look at each item and read about them on the Ipsy site it wasn’t as disappointing since I did need an eyeliner, the lipstick color looks pretty, leave in conditioner to control frizz is always nice, face wash is needed daily, and I received something new I’ve never tried or owned.

Here are the products I received this month, I will review them in depth next month:

Product First Impression Information
Doucce Cosmetics 

Ultra Precision Eye Liner 

Waterproof in black

Yay! I’m glad I got an eyeliner in my Ipsy bag. It’s a full size product that cost $22! It glides on smoothly without tugging and it’s waterproof. I only have one sample sized eyeliner that I got from an Ulta beauty sample bag so this is perfect for me since I don’t have any eyeliners. Used For: Eyeliner

Full Size: Doesn’t say

Cost: $22.00

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Bellapierre Cosmetics

Lipstick Shade: Pink

Weight: 3.5 G

 This is another full size item. It has a nice chocolatey berry scent to it. I like lip products and I’m glad I got a wearable everyday shade and not some weird nude color. This lipstick is made out of natural ingredients so that is a plus. I have a lot of lipsticks so I am thinking of giving this to my mom. Used For: Lips

Full Size: 3.5 G Cost: $20.00




 Ultra Mild Face Wash

Weight: 1 fl oz

It’s always nice to have a face cleanser since we all wash our face daily. This one smells like lavender and is meant for sensitive skin. I like that it is natural, paraben and sulfate free. If I end up not liking this I could always use it as a brush cleanser. Used For: Face as a cleanser

Full Size: 6 fl Oz Cost: $19.00

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BWC, Leave in Conditioner Weight: 2 fl oz  This company is called Beauty without Cruelty. It is 100% Vegan, paraben free, and no synthetic fragrance. I will try it out on my frizzy hair, it might be a nice alternative to hair oil. Used for : Hair

Full Size: 16 fl oz Cost: $10.95

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City Color

HD Powder

Weight: 4.0 g

 I don’t own any finishing powders, not sure how to use them either. I thought this was a full size item but it isn’t. Really close to full size though it is missing 3.0 g for it to be the full product, not too bad of a size though. Receiving this product will allow me to experiment with finishing powders and I will see if it makes a difference in my completed makeup look. Used For: Face

Full Size: 7.0 g

Cost: $5.99


Monthly Discounts on Beauty Products

Members have access to purchase any products featured in the current glam bag. Even on products you didn’t receive. Some are discounted up to 50% off and some include free shipping. Not all of the products have special discounts but most of them do. If you are interested, don’t waste time because the discount codes are usually good till the end of the month and a few go for 2 months. If you really enjoyed the products you received or want to check out the other products, check out the discounted prices on Ipsy for a bargain.



I noticed Ipsy sends out a variety of items for each month. They send products that is good for one part of your look. This month I received an eyeliner, lipstick, face cleanser, leave in hair conditioner and a finishing powder for my face. I am glad they don’t send out products that are just for one area in one given month. This allows me to try out the product and not keep the other items stashed somewhere never to be seen again. Overall I received 2 full size items, 1 almost full size item, and 2 deluxe sized products. I will be using all of the products except I might give the lipstick to my mom since I have tons of lip products, it a pretty pink color though.

Update On Previous Month’s Products (July 2015 Summer Lovin’)


  1. Vassanti Cosmetics, Brighten Up! Exfoliating Cleanser:  This is a powerful exfoliator, it can leave your face feeling tingly clean or in pain if you scrub too hard. It has tiny micro-crystals to peel off the layer of dead skin. It is intended to use on its own with a little bit of water (don’t forget to add water) but I like to mix a tiny amount into a creamy cleanser. Even with a cleanser you can still feel the intensity of the crystals. This would not be for someone with acne as it can irritate the skin. This is an awesome product to use as a mini home microdermabrasion and I will definitely use all of this product up. It is an exfoliating cleanser but I wouldn’t recommend using everyday. I usually use it every other week and squeeze out half a dime size since it is potent and mix it with a gentle cleanser. It is a must to moisturize after! I give it a 5/5 for using it all July long and still have a lot left over.
  2. Tarte, Deluxe Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer: I was so excited to receive this product and still am. This is a beautiful shade, I love the color! I use this daily when I apply makeup and this is perfect for the summer months. I will use it for the remainder of the summer and all year long when I need a little color on my face. It has a good amount of product so I will have it for a long time. The packaging is cute and the perfect size to travel with, I will be bringing this with me to my trip next week since this is waterproof as well.
  3. Octavio Molina Hairspray La Playa Salt Spray: When it comes to my hair I usually just tie it up into a ponytail. Perfect way to keep the extra weight off my neck and keep cool in the summer. My husband on the other hand takes his time to keep his hair in place with hair products. When he asked me if I had anything to use for his hair he was in luck. He seems to like this spray as the sea salt hardens his hair into place. Smells okay and I think he will finish the product up as he keeps it in the bathroom in plain view for everyday use.
  4. Aurora Gel Effect Nail Polish: I used to love wearing nail polish but these days I don’t find myself taking the time to do them. I tried this out last time without a top or base coat and it chipped off within a week. I’m sure if I used a base and top coat it would’ve lasted a lot longer but I didn’t feel like wearing nail polish and didn’t get to this it out some more to fully review this product. It is a beautiful color for summer though.
  5. Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Lip Balm: A couple of years ago  I wouldn’t have minded slathering on any lip balm or lipstick as long as the consistency was nice and the smell wasn’t offensive. This one is moisturizing and gives a hint of color but looking at all the ingredients in this tube and all the things I’ve learned about harmful chemicals I found myself not reaching for this product at all. I have tons other lip products I prefer to use. Not to mention, this tube cost $14?! Way too expensive for a sheer tinted lip balm and it’s not even organic, so I will skip on this product .

I hope this review is helpful!

Thanks for reading.

<3 Michelle K. M

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