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thumb_IMG_8590_1024   thumb_IMG_9579_1024Hey Foodies, for a little less than $10 a month the tasting box from Love with Food sends you 8 snacks for you to sample. Snacks range from organic, gluten-free, and/or free of artificial junk. Even though not all of the snacks are a hit, I still subscribe, because each box purchased helps to feed someone in need. Expect sample sized snacks that range from sweet, salty, and in between. Here is my brief review and what snacks I received this month. thumb_IMG_9580_1024

This month Love with Food either forgot to send me an informational pamphlet or they didn’t create one this month. I received a total of 8 snacks to try and enjoyed half of the snacks and didn’t care for the other half. These are the snacks received for the month of April listed below.

  • Coconut Oil Kettle Cooked Potato Chips by Boulder Canyon 3/5 I’m not used to having chips with coconut oil and this left an unusual aftertaste in my mouth.
  • Black Rice Crackers by Laiki 3.5/5 These thick-squared black rice crackers have a crunch but crumble in your mouth as you bite. Slightly addicting it also has a slight burnt rice taste.
  • Blueberry Acai Flax Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze by Munk Pack 3.5/5 Anything in a package like this reminds me of baby food. I did give this to my toddler as a snack and it has good ingredients. This would also be great for someone who doesn’t like granola bars, this is oatmeal in a pouch.
  • Fruit Snacks by Tasty Brand 2/5 These were okay.
  • Green Tea Latte Candy by Bali’s Best 1/5 Not really a hard candy fan, I didn’t enjoy this one. It didn’t taste like green tea latte.
  • Chocolate Chip Biscotti by Biscotti di Suzy 4/5 Yum, can’t go wrong with a biscotti.
  • Gluten-Free Waffle by Honey Stinger 4/5 Two thin layers of waffle held together by caramel honey. Melts nicely as you chew. Taste a lot like a cookie left out on the counter for too long, still addicting.
  • Banana Bar by Nutryttiva 1/5 This tasted and looked like an overly ripe banana that has blackened so bad it is best to mix into a smoothie or used to bake. Although the idea is great and it would be awesome to have a 2 ingredient snack, this did not look or taste appetizing at all. I was grossed out by this…


Overall: My top 3 favorites this month is the biscotti, salted caramel waffle, and the black rice crackers. Check out this snack subscription if you are looking to try healthier snack alternatives or to take your taste buds on a snack adventure!

<3 Michelle K. M



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