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thumb_IMG_6114_1024   thumb_IMG_7086_10241Hello there! This is my review for the Sephora Favorites Beauty Sleep set. I did not buy this kit but my sister kindly allowed me to try out her products. I wanted to buy this for myself because I really wanted to try Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Oil. I heard so many wonderful things about it and and the color is so enticing but to buy that product alone is so expensive! The reason for not immediately grabbing this kit is because I already own 2 of the 4 products in this set and I’ve never heard of the Korres brand before. So when my sister said she would purchase this I wanted to see if I should get it too once hers arrived.thumb_IMG_6110_10241All of the Sephora Favorites Set are packaged similarly. They have a paper sleeve with the images of the products and information about the size, price, and ingredients on the back. You can easily remove this paper sleeve by un-taping each side and sliding it out. thumb_IMG_6112_10241This set is encased in a small gold box that fit in the palms of your hands. It is a cute box and you can reuse the box for keeping small items inside once all the extra paper inside is removed.thumb_IMG_6113_10241To open the box, like all the other boxes so far, lift up and it stays open. Th e products are nicely compact inside so they don’t move around. They are really tiny in size and really adorable! The 4 deluxe-size products in this set are:

1.Korres, Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial 0.5 fl oz

2. Origins, High-Potency Night-A-Mins 0.5 fl oz

3. Ole Henriksen, Invigorating Night Treatment 0.25 fl oz

4. Sunday Riley, Luna Sleeping Night Oil 0.24 fl oz

thumb_IMG_7086_10241The description written on the back of this set is written as:

Have a sleepover with our overnight beauty treatments. These products work hard at night to treat, correct, and nourish skin while you sleep. Wake up to radiant, refreshed & youthful-looking complexion!

In no particular order, now onto the review!

1.Korres, Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial:thumb_IMG_6117_10241First Impression:  This product looks and sounds fancy but I’ve never heard of this brand before. I did a little research and read so many great reviews on this product. It is encased in a glass jar, twist open top, and comes with an extra plastic seal. Both my sister and I smelled this product for the first time and immediately had headaches! The smell is overpowering and highly fragranced of roses, not good smelling ones. Very disappointed with the scent and this is the reason why I’m glad I did not purchase this set.

Complaints:  The smell is overpowering to the point where one can get headaches, even the people around you who are in the same room can get headaches just from smelling this product on you.

Review: The product is nicely packaged, the glass jar and resealable plastic cover give it a nice luxurious touch. The product itself feels firm and mousse like when you touch it. Your finger doesn’t immediately sink in as you take some out of the jar  but the texture is a lot like poking raw salmon to see how fresh it is. It slightly bounces back up as it doesn’t really move around in the jar. The actual cream melts nicely into the skin and feels so soft and nice. However the scent isn’t as strong when you apply it on your face I kind of got used to the smell but my husband was asking what the smell was because he had a headache from smelling it. Even though the product felt nice and my skin looked soft the next day, I will not purchase this product because of the scent. thumb_IMG_6119_10241Product Rating: 1/5

2. Origins, High-Potency Night-A-Mins:thumb_IMG_6127_10241First Impression:  I already have a tub of this from a purchase I’ve made a couple of months back. This one came in a nice tube form which is much more sanitary and easy to use and travel with.

Complaints:  I don’t have anything negative to say about this product.

Review: This product smells lovely and feels lovely. This is best to use during the winter months because the formula is enriching and slightly thick. A little goes a long way so if you have oily skin you just need to cover a thin layer of your face or if you have dry skin you can also use a thicker layer. I wouldn’t recommend using this every night, either every other night or once a week for a special treat. thumb_IMG_6128_10241Product Rating: 4.5/5

3. Ole Henriksen, Invigorating Night Treatment:thumb_IMG_6123_10241First Impression:  I already have the same exact tub of this from a previous purchase. This is potent stuff so I do not recommend you use this after any exfoliating products since this is a skin resurfacer and exfoliates for you or you will feel your skin burning if you do use this after you exfoliate your skin. thumb_IMG_6124_10241Complaints:  There should be a warning or a note stating that this product should not be used after exfoliating especially for skincare newbies who do no know what a skin resurfacer is can burn their skin.

Review: This is a tiny but potent product. You need a little bit and this is not something you want to use every night so this will last you a long time. It gently takes out the outer layer of your skin so you’ll see bits of dead skin shedding from using this product. It’s nice to have as a special treatment, the image shown below is my jar and as you can see I still have a lot left!thumb_IMG_7093_10241Product Rating: 4/5

4. Sunday Riley, Luna Sleeping Night Oil:thumb_IMG_6129_10241First Impression: This is the most exciting thing in the set since I already own 2 of the other products. The product is contained in a glass jar and the product itself is also a royal blue. The color is really enticing and beautiful. It feels and looks luxurious. It comes with a dropper so you can easily control how much oil you want to use. thumb_IMG_6130_10241Complaints:  This would’ve been an even better product if they didn’t add colors since everything else in the ingredient list is organic. In addition the price is too expensive for such little amount of product you get.

Review: This product smells slightly nutty, feels nice on the skin, and you need about 2-3 drops to get a thin layer on your face. Since it is an oil I only tried a little bit at a time at most 3 drops of the product and my skin felt soft and looked nice in the morning. I feel that this is a nice product to try but there are a lot of oils out there and this one is too expensive to purchase. If they left out the added colors I will more likely purchase this item even though it is pricey since everything else on the ingredient list looks great. thumb_IMG_7088_10241

thumb_IMG_7090_10241Product Rating: 4/5


If you have not tried any of these products this is a great buy and reasonably priced at $30, my sister bought this during the VIB Rouge sale so she had an extra 20% off which was definitely worth it for her to try out since she has not used any of these products. All of the brands in this set are high end and expensive brands so when sets come out like this it is the perfect way to test them out. I enjoyed 3 out of the 4 products in this set and I will most definitely avoid the Korres Wild Rose line. If buying individually I would repurchase all except the Korres and the Sunday Riley unless they take out the colors which I feel is unnecessary since one of the oils are already naturally blue why must they need to add extra colors?thumb_IMG_6116_10241

This set is no longer available online but you may find a select few in stock in select stores if any are even left. If not I hope this review was helpful anyway if you were planning to buy any of the items individually.

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

<3 Michelle K. M

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